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  1. Yeah that is huge The CD I listed is about 680mb, I often have to remove things when adding more, I like to keep my MicrPC CD under 700mb. I pretty much riped everything I possibly could using nLite, some things are still necessary for my UX to be fully functional.
  2. My sidebar is currently using about 90mb's with 9 gadgets. Rick is there going to be a W2K3 version I don't see it ? Thanks for the info
  3. Thanks for trying. For now it is the least of my worries, after I have typed in my password it will auto connect each reboot, it just will if I want to connect to a different network, I auto connect almost all the time anyways. I am having some sort of shutdown issue with my latest CD.. very annoying, no worries though I will get it fixed. If anyone has anything to add please do.
  4. I am eating this amazing grilled tomato cheese and ham sandwich This should explain the issue a little better
  5. My Wireless is maintained by windows not intel utility. I just did a fresh install, more tweaks have been added, and my services configuration has changed, now I am just wondering if it was something I did, often after a restart it will go back... this is when it happens. booted windows, my wireless network was detected and automatically connected to it, the icon was fine, but if I want to connect to a new network I will get the connecting icon, for fun I disconnected from my network and reconnected, it told me I was connected but I still see the icon trying to connect and when I click on it the status window pops up Status: Acquiring network address. though I am connected... I know some info on this problem was posted somewhere but for the life of me I cannot remember where or when grrr EDIT: that connecting icon has been showing for a few minutes now, though I am connected...
  6. Sorry what I mean. The problem I am having is that my wireless icon in the taskbar likes to always show as connecting but the internet works fine, now I read somewhere this is caused by something, that something I do not remember or know where to find it. Is this what you are talking about ?
  7. I remember reading somewhere that a service needs to be enabled or something ( cannot remember ) my wireless icons tends to be always connecting,though I have internet access. Point me in the right direction ?
  8. Again not sure where I got these from but they are very nice DOWNLOAD enjoy !!
  9. Cannot remember where I found these, I randomly find cool walls around the net, thanks go's out to the creator they are very nice. enjoy !!
  10. Perfect, I find that I get huge memory leaks if thats what you would call it ( v1.0 ) for example sidebar will be using 50,000k and then day later it will be using 220,000k of mem, you being the expert here, would you say that is the sidebar or a bad gadget ? I will try out v1.1 soon Thank you
  11. Rick thanks for informing me, I will be excited to see new addon you amazing addon maker
  12. falling leaf started the alky project right ? Now http://fromvistatoxp.com/ is continuing there work ?
  13. Addons NonnoFabio_IE7AddOn_1.9.0_ENU.cab SULL'S_FIREFOX2.0.0.11_ADDON_V1.2.CAB dt4091_143_x86.cab ProgramAddons K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 3.7.5.cab ProgramAddons 7-Zip 4.57.cab ProgramAddons TrueCrypt 5.0a.cab ProgramAddons UltraVNC 1.0.2.cab ProgramAddons FileZilla 3.0.1.cab ProgramAddons Universal Extractor 1.5.cab ProgramAddons WinIPConfig 2.7.2.cab ProgramAddons Sysinternals Tools 25.07.2007.cab ProgramAddons tinySpell 1.6.011.cab Ricks_nLite1.4.1Plus_AddOn_80209.rar Ricks_ImgBurn2.4_AddOn.rar DAMN_NFO_Viewer_v2-10-0032-RC3.cab Gorki_AddOn_NTREGOPT_160807.cab AIO_Royale_and_Royal_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z Ricks_LunaRoyale_AddOn_v3.2.rar Ricktendo_LunaRoyaLClock_AddOn_v1.6b2.rar Gorki_Theme_HumanFW_0.1.cab Ricks_GMailDrive1.0.12_AddOn.7z AIO_Vista_Theme_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z Gorki_Theme_IllumeCG_0.99a_271007.cab Ricks_VistaSoundsReplacement_AddOn_70909.7z Themes_rytukz_Rista_3.1_addon.cab NR_EnergySS_Addon_1.2.cab Ricks_AIOVistaAeroCursors_AddOn_v7.07.03.rar NR_CursorsCGlass_Addon_v1.2.cab Ricks_InstallWatchPro2.5c_AddOn_70714.rar Ricktendo64_nlaom_addon_v1.2.4.7z NR_Prio1.98_Addon.rar Ricks_WinRAR3.7Plus_AddOn.cab Ricks_WindowsLiveMessenger8.5.1302.1018_AddOn.7z Ricks_CCleaner2.05.555_AddOn.rar Ricks_7zSplit0.2.0.740_AddOn.7z DVD_Decrypter_Add_On_Sull.cab Ricks_VistaRTMFonts_AddOn_v1.1.7z Kels_VMware6Tools_6.0.2.59824_Addon.CAB Kels_CPLBonus_addon_v8.1.1.CAB Kels_Uber_Addon_v11.9.2.CAB RicksPostSP3UpdatePack1.0.9.7z sp3.5503.vista.bootscreen.addon.7z DirectX_10_Runtimes_from_DirectX_9.0c_November_2007_AddOn_0.3_-_CNC.7z RogueSpearAddonsDotNET11SP1.zip RogueSpearAddonsDotNET20SP1.zip RogueSpearAddons_Java_SE_Runtime_Environment_V6.0_Update_3.zip My Sony Silent installers ( RunOnceEX ) PROGRAMMABLEIO.EXE SBU.EXE SETUP.EXE SHAREDLIBRARY.EXE SUS.EXE TOUCHPANEL.EXE UTILDLL.EXE VCCU.EXE VCU.EXE VES.EXE VTL.EXE WSSU.EXE ZOOM.EXE imagefilter ALPSPOINTER.EXE BATCHECK.EXE BT.EXE CAMERADRIVER.EXE CHIPSETUPDATE.EXE CONTROLCENTER.EXE IMAGEFILTER.EXE LANEXPRESS.EXE MOUSEDRI.EXE PENPLUS.EXE POWERMGR.EXE Patch with V'ISO custom one, I put in all amnesia's files. Patch with Runbox ( nLite ) Full unattended setup, choose partition size and go. Thanks to all you awesome addon makers, you know who you are
  14. Very cool !!! So these guys are doing alky now ?
  15. Thanks this wall is awesome. Widescreen if available please
  16. Hi, What other boards you from
  17. and the only way to get around this would be to use the Vista boot screen addon, a new one should be out for SP3 final right ?
  18. ezemjcsd, Thanks, must have missed that one... JurgenDoe, Nice desk, where can I find that HD gadget ? My weather one is from the hobby lounge ( ultimate weather ) PS. you have to sign up to download. Scrat, That is so bad :w00t: !!! can you please share steviewonder, Hi, care to share you wall to
  19. I 2nd that, now I am curious if this is going to be RTM, I can't wait for the final release, then I can fix up my CD Im gonna try V'ISO with your icons
  20. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks :cool04: Luna royale has been my default theme on my MicroPC forever, best them I just added Lclock to my desktop, wonderful to.
  21. Updated to some new gadgets, this new weather one is awesome btw, still looking for a better shutdown, lock etc gadget. Theme = msstyles, Rista blk compact start menu Wallpaper = res = 1024x640 Thumbnails EDIT: coolpepe, what is the name of the top gadget in your sidebar ? ezemjcsd, what is the name of that spell check gadget, looks like its from hobbylounge ?
  22. Hey, Just complaining.. sigh.. Sometimes Windows file and print sharing works fine in my unattended setup and sometimes not, I am getting the famous WORKGROUP is not accessible. I have a lot of stuff ripped out using nLite and I changed a few things since last time but all should be fine for sharing, so many things on the net and none of them are working. I'm just mad, should be able to figure it out somehow,if anyone cares to add anything that could help please do.
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