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  1. These are awesome. Thank you
  2. Looks good windowsguy.. Could you post that mario wallpaper please ? Also in screen2.jpg is that a Vista style not Windows Blinds ?
  3. Sull

    Board Colors

    I like how WinCert for looks now, though the FAST REPLY, REPORT and QUOTE buttons are a little bright, I find my eyes get drawn to them.
  4. Generally people like to use more than one spyware program, can you guys recommend me two programs. I am already using spybot search and destroy, what would be another good one. I do not want one which is always running with Windows.
  5. rick, Yes I have .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1
  6. ok rick. So I am trying some of the styles posted here, format is .wsstyles, I double click any of them and they pop up in the styler I them apply it but nothing changes, I then save the .png and change to it in styler and still nothing. I also get the a message saying "the selected style was applied successfully" Is it not working or am I missing something here ? Thanks
  7. Hey rick, I use the styler to apply a new theme but my sidebar does not seem to change, I tried exiting it and still looks same as default. Maybe you have some idea
  8. Yup the hyperlink text looks good. N1K, I forgot you already gave me the info and that, I am just waiting to confirm my credit card then the money will be sent.
  9. Hey N1K, I did not see this post, I am still willing to donate, in the next day or so I will check out that site ok Please PM me any info I need to send the money. :heart: WinCert :heart: EDIT: N1K, I just need to verify my account and the money will be sent, hang tight.
  10. Well thanks tips !!! I want to accomplish this unattended meaning after Windows XP has finished installing I will see Windows Live in the left side of the start menu and it is set as my default mail application. EDIT: I would also like to add I have done reg shots, compared them and added entries to my unattended setup but they make no change.
  11. Cool Scrat, can you post that wall please Here is mine, not much changed since last month.
  12. Alright awesome, well you know my MicroPC uses ntoskrnl.exe so we will find out if all is good tonight. I will post my results EDIT: Working perfectly now thanks
  13. I want to change the icons on the left side of the start menu, currently I have outlook and firefox but I want to change outlook to Windows Live Mail, how can this be accomplished in a unattended setup ? Also need to set Windows Live mail as default unattended ? Thanks EDIT: I have figured it out, thanks to ricktendo64
  14. dareckibmw, It is probably because those computers do not use ntoskrnl.exe that would be why you don't have an issue. hngovr1, Thanks man, curious what was the problem ?
  15. Just thought I would let you know ntoskrnl.exe is corrupt in 5508.
  16. I also tried the one by hngovr1 with the same issue, that is probably what you used ? For editing my own, all I have to do is switch the bitmaps in res hack ? Also in res hack I never can fine the green bar ? thanks
  17. Right gotcha, must have missed that Thank you UberPack rocks !!!
  18. Elllo mate, I was wondering if it is possible to save the settings for MMM to place into a unattended setup ? Thank you ...mate.
  19. orbit, In VMWARE everything is fine but once I try to install on my MicroPC, I get ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt, it is not missing so I imagine corrupt ? this happened with two of your addons the blue and the blue XP pro, I removed your addon and everything went fine. Thanks
  20. The XP Pro one looks very nice, is it possible to have it a little more centered ?
  21. amnesia, My OEM logo does not show up in computer properties ( sysdm ) is this because I patched using the one you posted ?
  22. Thats weird I didn't seem to get a email saying someone replied, maybe I missed it. I would like the logo in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, pretty much right in the corner
  23. Just so everyone knows, this program can break things in Windows, test in VMWARE first. Vinbuntu, Your computer will use 1 of these 4 files for bootscreen, ntkrnlmp.exe, ntkrnlpa.exe, ntkrpamp.exe and ntoskrnl.exe. What kind of boot screen are you looking for ?
  24. Here try this, I would like a similar one which says UX Edition but I don't have... I also don't know what kind of format you need ? here is a pic
  25. I found a logo but its not the one I want, can you just add text in the bottom right hand corner of the screen saying UX Edition, something sweet looking. If you need an actual image I can probably make one
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