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  1. Where is the best place to order DC jacks? (I need one for a IBM Thinkpad but would like to find a place that I can order a wide range for future purposes) THANKS
  2. I think the 1 on 1 interviews break that down.
  3. I am in the top 3. I actually missed the managers call today by 10 minutes. Hopefully he calls me back.
  4. Insider source (a new friend that works there) His boss said I was in the top 3 but wouldn't say anymore.
  5. OK, I just got back. The 1st thing they did was break us down into 2 teams and told us to build a system. I asked what the price limit was and a few other things and all we got was "I don't know". SO, I went with the HAF935, GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R,1930, V8, SSD Corsair 750, 1tb black, XMS3 1600(3x2) etc. 1 guy on my team didn't know anything about PC's, the other guy was in his 60's. LOL. Any way, My team was picked for the best PC and all the employee's noticed that I knew what I was doing. So I got big ups for that. Then we had to take 3 tests, man I am so tired of asking question regarding firing and telling on people who steal. I mean really, who in their right mind will answer those question with a no. Depending on the test scores, I should be getting a call back for a interview tom. and if that works out a 2nd interview. I will keep you all informed as I get updated.
  6. Well I am off. I will update when I get back.
  7. Like N1K said. Most CPU's can be upped 100-300mhz on a stock cooler.
  8. What CPU was that? That much of a jump shouldn't even cause a change it heat.
  9. I forgot all about Dig Dug, Metroid and Tomb Raider, that reminds me Resident Evil 1&2.
  10. Thanks N1K, I will keep you guys updated.
  11. I am right there with you. Every time I work on someones PC I tell them a reformat is the best option. I hate spending several hours installing, scanning, uninstalling security programs.
  12. I just got a call from MicroCenter today and they have asked me to come in Sunday morning for some tests with other prospects. I have applied there several time in the 3 years I have been unemployed so I really hope I can get in. If I get in, I will be most likely selling my PC to get a car so I can get back and forth.
  13. That is insane. I was drinking most of the day yesterday so I never updated my 555BE testing. I have it stable as a Quad@3.5 with 1.4v.
  14. I don't think I have a "favorite" There is to many to think of and different times of my life. Game Consoles: Alterd Beast Shinobi Gloden Axe Excite Bike Paper Boy Double Dragon Super Mario Bros 3 Mortal Combat Trilogy Tekken 4 ( I won a tournament when I was in Cali) PC: Prototype *First Person Shooters* UnReal Tournaments Modern Warfares
  15. Is that better than OCCT. I will be testing my X4@3.5 tonight.
  16. Yeah, I have that Vendetta. I would like to get a better one but maybe at a later date. I just primed for 2 hours with X4@3.5. I am going to clock it higher since the temps were fine. So yes, I got a 555BE that runs like a 965. :thumbsup_anim:
  17. I see a difference in performance and my temps get no higher than 40C. I also wanted to hit the 4GHZ mark. I will see what I can do with it as a TRI and QUAD also.
  18. I will try and push this higher. This is after the 1st night of having this 555BE.
  19. I ended up going to MicroCenter and and got a GigaByte M68m-SP2 along with a 555BE and 1X2G Crucial DDR800. I took the 555BE and replaced with my 550BE. Everything fit in the "e-Machine fine and all is good.
  20. Upgraded to a 555BE and have it set at 4GHZ. :dribble:
  21. The driver was fine. The Trendnet program it's self as showing disconnected on all accounts other than Admin. but I later found it still connected jut showed up as disconnected so I never checked.
  22. Thanks N1K. I ended up uninstalling to dongle's software and it works fine through Win7's wireless connection.
  23. I am going to order a new mobo etc. for a eMachine t3624 for a client. I have never replaced a mobo in a manufactured PC as was wondering if there will be a issue with the mobo fitting in this PC. the old mobo is 8.2 by 9.2 and the case is 10 ver. and 9.5 hor. So I believe that there will be no issue with it fitting. I just want some opinions. Also, this setup doesn't come with a heatsink so I have a AM3 heatsink from my 550 and from what I have read, that all AM2, AM2+ and AM3's will work with each other. Is this true. Thanks
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