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  1. monkee: AFAIK, WTK only disables components, but the components are still there in the installation. I removed 64 components and the installation got 306 MB smaller, In this regard, WTK is not supposed to be the next vlite. Not worth it if you're asking me. Also, don't touch the vlite tab in WTK, it makes the display black during the install for me at least. Now that I see your post cout I guess you already knew that.. Windows 7 64 could be as small as 2.5 GB (stock size is 7.5 GB), I still haven't found a guide for W8 that makes it that small. All forums are obsessing about start menu alternatives. Boring.
  2. 1 - How do I add .exe updates? For instance, KB2756872 contains three msu files and one exe file. Should I put all four of them in a cab file instead? 2 - Is it safe to delete the subfolders in \winsxs created after updating? I won't be able to uninstall the updates, but are there any other consequences?
  3. The "Remove/Restore 'ei.cfg'" button is only present when the said file is found. When working with Windows 8, there should be an "Add/Remove 'ei.cfg'" button instead. (Dunno if the last two lines are needed in ei.cfg, but I always put it there anyway.) [Channel]Retail[VL]0
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