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  1. Can anyone update this or tell me how to make an AIO installer for the latest 7-Zip v15.14 ?
  2. Does anyone knoiw if something has changed in the TH2 Build of windows 10 my unattended.xml does not work anymore but worked fine on windows 10 first rtm
  3. Glad to see your back! Will you be adding the removal of telemetry & onedrive like ntlite has done ?
  4. Hi guys, I want to make a win 10 aio iso of enterprise LTSB both x64 and x86 The toolkit does not work for this and no other tool o have tried i tried to use josh cell aio creator and it makes the iso but when you try to install the 32 bit it still installs the 64 can somebody explain the correct procedure on creating a multi version disk i would be very grateful i have googled for day but all guides are for 8.1 and 8 and 7 im looking for the correct way for windows 10 and a step by step if possible. Thanks
  5. my AIO disk is not a full aio disk i will only consist of the best editions so it will be pro, and Enterprise both x86 and x64 will this procedure talked about in here work for both editions or will i have to integrate updates 4 times? (once for pro x86, once for enterprise x86 and once for pro x64, once for enterprise x64) i ask because i know all editions can be unlocked from any iso apart from enterprise so would this mean id still have to integrate updates for enterprise separately ?
  6. ok thanks alot ill take a read and see if i can work it out, if i do ill notify you in this topic so other can see if thery read here and then ill create a new one with instructions. I will have a try tonight at some point.
  7. thanks for the tip, but as for updates theres no way to integrate them once and make them work for every edition ?
  8. hey guys, im going to make an AIO disk for windows 8.1 as intend to for 10 upon RTM, but i cannot work something out! if i want to integrate all updates and one or a few addons and reg tweaks then how do i got about it so it works on every edition for example if i have a disk with ALL version of windows possible then i go to integrate updates i have to select a version from the wim file so does this mean the updates will only be integrated for that edition of windows ? if thats the case and i have to do separate for each one this means the iso would be huge! is there a way to integrate all updates and addon so the x86 versions all work with them and the x64 with theirs ?
  9. thanks for this but download not working
  10. Yeah makes perfect sense its a good idea too
  11. OK that's understandable thanks for the reply!
  12. ok thanks for the replies guys ill use 1.4.1 and delete the copy of 1.5 i have. Just out of curiosity how come it got renamed back to 1.4 last i remember 1.5 was going to be the next big release and you were gona iron out as many bugs as possible before the final release ?
  13. Hi just a question i have been off-line for some time now im back and i see v1.5 has vanished has it been scrapped? i have a copy of the last build should i delete it and use latest 1.4 ? thanks! Also can someone tell me how the donation works i would like to donate, plus i want access to the pre built iso's of win 8 with all updates integrated but i cannot work out how the app will know i have donated! is there a donate version ?
  14. this is a good idea i was going to request this myself but kept forgetting!
  15. I read your post about making a new post for extracting files from DVD so here it is thanks alot for implementing the iso extraction didn't get to reply on the last topic as it was locked but i have to say thanks somewhere, as its much appreciated.
  16. thats a shame it would be good if you could find a way of implementing it but if they copy from dvd could be implimented in the mean time that would be cool id use that right away!
  17. no progress bar is fine as long as it has some form of progress for example what you suggested about it saying Extracting, maby u could put a percentage beside it if possible ? and when its done its says Finished or Done. otherwise it will just look like its lagging or crashed. so u cant do it full stop ? is there no other way ? can it not be done by Drive as ianymaty suggested?
  18. i get what ur sayin but i format my pc every month or 2 so sometimes if i decide to make a new windows disk i havent got for example ultraiso installed (i dont integrate software like this as i dont want the dvd to be too big) then i have to install and it takes longer to start making the iso, ok yeah thats not a big issue but its just irritating i just think it would be nice to press a button if needed instead of having to use some external software especially after a fresh format but its up to you its your software like i say its not a problem just an annoyance for me. I would definatly use it if it was there though.
  19. i know about thiis software i just wanted to know how you would use it as an addon but thanks anyway
  20. thats cool could you tell me how u would make this into an addon if you get time or point me in the right direction please.
  21. I have been using windows 8 Enterprise x64 and i never liked metro from the start so i came across a tool called Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8 v1.0 Here is a description from the author: Here is the site: http://www.msfn.org/...-for-windows-8/ I was wondering would it be possible to integrate an option like this for those of us who dont like metro? so it can preinstall with a start menu? If you wanted with this software you can even switch between shells in one click its really good, only thing is when your installing it asks you for your win 7 disk so it can copy the needed files but i think the author will be making that unnecessary in the next version if i read his post correctly. I love this tool because it doesnt leave any processes running on your system unlike software such as Classic Shell, Start8 and vistart, Although it would also be nice for users to have the option to install these too! can they it be done with silent switches ?
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