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  1. The last one that went belly up on me was an 80G sata Seagate Barracuda.
  2. Thanks for the reply cygnus. I should have mentioned that I already tried that. I was going to try fixmbr and fixboot in the recovery console. But I guess thats out. Then I tried to do a 2nd option repair install but it boots from the hdd after it loads windows and looks for the Grub loader again. :crying_anim02:
  3. I deleted the ubuntu partition, rebooted to the recovery console but now it is asking for the administrator password! Ive never entered a password when installing windows. I've always left that space blank during the install. HELP!
  4. Well I ended up getting a Hitachi drive. A 250gb sata drive because it was about the same price locally as what I could have got thru the mail after you include shipping. I have never seen a drive freeze up so many times just to install an OS. It must have froze at least 30 times. I doubt this is good for the drive. It even froze trying to its own scandisk or checkdisk or whatever you call it. So i took it back. This time its worse. :confused02:
  5. It looks like Im going to have to replace the Primary Sata hdd on my main pc as it has toasted my OS. Has anybody heard of some really good deals on Sata2 drives in the 80-500gb range? Sata2 is better than regular Sata isnt it? Would an external hdd be better than an internal one? All Satas have NCQ tech dont they? I was lookin at these ... newegg.com Heres a 250gb sata for $59 ... 250gb western digital hdd
  6. Ok .. at least now Im booting from my Ultimate Boot CD.
  7. I havent done anything to the boot loader yet but Im now getting a ... "Grub loading please wait" then ... "Error 17" ... where it usually shows me the boot menu with the dual boot options. What is this error about?
  8. Downloads here three. :icon_cool:
  9. Nice game. Good download speed too. About 400kb/s. Played no prob on my XP.
  10. Hmm .. gotta try this out. :icon_cool:
  11. How do I do that pray tell?
  12. Thanks LUZR4LIFE. I havent tried uninstalling yet but there appears to be no mention of Ubuntu in the boot.ini which sort of makes sense as windows doesnt recognize Ext3. Guess I just have to fix the mbr because of the GRUB (Linux boot loader).
  13. The boot.ini should give a clue about whether Xp is the boot os or not I think (hope).
  14. I havent tried it, but I imagine that I can do it either thru windows or with a third party software like Partition Magic. I just wonderin if anybody else here may have already tried it before as its not FAT or NTFS like Windows. Yes I like Ubuntu very much. It looks nice, offers a lot of stuff with it and is pretty easy to configure compared to many others.
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