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  1. thanks :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim:
  2. thanks bro also the windows live photo gallery 2009 edition is look like windows 7 wmp 12 also also !!!!!!!!!!! fediafedia has a new deviation and its wmp 12 skin for wmp 11 for xp and vista http://fediafedia.deviantart.com/art/Win7-...or-XP-106429599 Credits to bogo-d http://bogo-d.deviantart.com/ and fediafedia http://fediafedia.deviantart.com
  3. woow nice windows 7 customization also the tablet pc stuff and also the MICROSOFT EQUATION WRITER it looks like Math input panel from windows 7 m3 good job :worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy: bro (RECOMMENDED) and also bro how about adding this windows 7 6956 wallpaper and also icons (tuneup icon packager coming soon) wallpaper http://jeremyddual.deviantart.com/art/Wind...-pics-106034849 icons http://jeremyddual.deviantart.com/art/Wind...icons-106040043 dont know if this will fit XD
  4. damn rapidshare it keeps getting this error when i download on rapidshare You want to download the following file:http://rapidshare.com/files/165189886/NR_KLM431_AddOn.rar | 19736 KBYour IP address xxxxxxxx is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completed.Premium members can download any number of files simultaneously. Become a Premium member now. The download will be available shortly.Create Premium Account but im not downloading anything on rapidshare :thumbsdown_anim: :thumbsdown_anim: any mirror (mediafire)
  5. you will see all here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_of_Windows_Vista I love the style of longhorn (and also im a windows beta lover) love to keep beta builds of windows (windows longhorn is abandon ware so its free to share) cool apps ? its hoolie http://www.stoyanoff.info/blog/projects-an...es/hoolie-demo/ and also the sidebar of longhorn where to download ? search it on google you will find many download of longhorn 4074
  6. i dont have windows 7 m3 cuz i formated it with longhorn sticky note dosent work i try it on vista (i think ) and the games nothing different and the journal i dont try it
  7. nc one bro you'l making me install xp again to bad i tested windows longhorn again and i reformat my xp thanks for posting the mip ported i like windows xp tabletpc input panel then vista tabtip appearance
  8. cool but i dont like the color of the taskbar and i notice its blocking my original taskbar XD hope more update to come
  9. thats what im saying it has a prob like that dark madness can help u (i cant upload the file cuz my internet speed is to slow sorry) its on windows 7 m3 \common files\microsoft shared\ink some user confirm that it dont work on xp it will just need tablet pc files (api .dlls) and greetings amirz nice to be back :thumbsup_anim: yes u can post it anywhere jsut make sure about the credits :icon_cool:
  10. Hello guys since i notice that vista can run windows 7 Math input panel but it cant recognize ink (it will not recognize any words number or any when u write it) you will just need alky 1.1 and if you got windows 7 and have Math input panel files patch mip.exe im fixing if how can i fix the problem (not recognizing ink) my bro said (AMIRZ) maybe it has some missing component ( i dont remember what he said exactly LOL) gotta fix it if you want to try the math input panel download the attachment And then patch it with alky Math input panel Also vista can use this (EDITED: oops i forget the sc
  11. wow thanks for notifying me that visplore is out sad that i dont have xp now i will install my xp into vista ahahah (time to backup) oh and VTP 9 is out
  12. thanks rick :worthy: how about this one [SourceDisksFiles] section of CPLLite.inf! !- 1 warning(s).
  13. hello everyone i need help i tried to edit kels cpllite addon i added program on it and i edited the inf but i launch fgcba (drop the inf) and i got an error - Checking [memtest] section... - Checking [MSI] section... - Warn: Unassigned variable: %CLSID8%; Check [MSI]! - Checking [remove] section... - Checking [smartdriver] section... - Warn: Unassigned variable: %CLSID22%; Check [smartdriver]! - Checking [start] section... - Checking [time] section... - Warn: Unassigned variable: %CLSID11%; Check [time]! - Checking [TweakUI] section... - Checking [User] section... - Checking [vcdrom
  14. Thanks MrNxDmX :worthy: i like this one
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