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  1. where do I find REG_MULTI_SZ data type UpperFilters?
  2. I uninstalled Gipo and the situation is the same
  3. here is a screen shot of the properties of the drive
  4. There is no recording tab when I go the properties of the DVD drive.
  5. If I put a CD or DVD that has content in my DVD drive it functions normally. If I put in a blank DVD I get a message saying: D:\ is not accessible incorrect function. I uninstalled the drivers from Device Manager and rebooted but the problem persists.
  6. It is not updated the last update for XP was installed on 7/25/2009. I do not have automatic updates set to install them automatically.
  7. On update Tuesday of this month I checked Windows Updates for my son's computer. He was offered 11 high priority updates for Windows XP. I checked for my computer, also running XP and was told there were no high priority updates. My question is why the difference? The computer where I work was also offered 11 high priority updates. __________________
  8. here it is. on the list the first one is Computer #2 and the second is #1
  9. There is no security tab when I click on properties. here is the screen shot of what I see.
  10. I have fixed the ping situation. I can now ping #1 from #2. I am still unable to print from #2. I have enabled printer sharing on both computers. I am using Windows firewall I have checked file and printer sharing in the exceptions tab. This is an HP Deskjet 5440 printer. I have been able to print from #2 in the past. I believe I set up printer permission properly, but maybe not. What are the proper steps? I don't believe the printer has a network card. I am using computer #1 as a printer server.
  11. Here s the situation. Computer #1 is connected directly to the printer Computer #2 is networked on a home-file/printer sharing network with computer #1 as the main computer. I have had this working so #2 could print with #1 acting as the printer server. Now however, I can ping #2 from #1 but not the other way. If I disable the firewall in #2 the results are the same. If I disable the firewall in, both I can ping #1 from #2 but I still cannot print from #2. Is this clear and if so what might the problem be?
  12. It is using the windows utility to manage the connection. It was working fine until he took it on the road and had to change to "obtain IP address automatically" I have it set to a static IP address at home because if it is set to automatic it never acquires a network address. I will have to check if there is an update for the card.
  13. My son's computer connects with a wireless card. It is set st connect automatically yet whenever he starts it he has to go to the wireless utility and click connect. And it seems to disconnect for no apparent reason. The signal is excellent but it disconnects anyhow. Any thoughts?
  14. I checked and I did have Adblock installed, I disabled it and it is working now. Thanks for the advice.
  15. I went to a website to watch a video clip. It said I needed to get Adobe Flash player. I thought I already had it but i followed the link and installed it. i went back to the website and it still said I needed Adobe flash player. What is up with that? It works in IE but not Firefox, Why?
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