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  1. Thanks for the write up on how to install this on XP 64Bit :thumbsup_anim: However I am having one small problem when installing the actual sidebar via right clicking on the inf file, I get this error message and I am unsure how to proceed?
  2. As others have said about OEM copies, if you buy it off the shelf it is a once use only. As in once you have installed it and activated the copy it cannot be reactivated again and if you change a major part of your system, vista will deactivate and you will be forced to either buy a new copy or licence! OEM pre installed version, this version can only be got if you have bought a computer from a company such as dell who pre install it at the factory prior to delivery. How the manufacturer does this is they put a licence key table known as a SLIC Table into its bios on the motherboard, so that every time you reinstall using the recovery cd/partition it installs the corresponding licence key files onto the system drive to match up with the bios. That then activates vista permanently without having to contact Microsoft. Obviously if you change the motherboard in this system you will no longer have the slic table and your copy of vista is useless unless you get another licence key! Upgrade, probably the best option as it is technically a retail copy that only lets you upgrade Via the licence key. You can upgrade to all the versions (Business not included) from XP Home edition. But if you are using Xp Professional you can only upgrade to Vista business! I personally have an upgrade version of Home Premium that I have activated more than twice with no problems. Finally Retail, this copy is the most expensive opition which can cost double what the upgrade costs just to let you install from scratch! If you have lots of money or you can get it for free this is the ultimate option (no pun intended). Hope this helps
  3. Hi, is their any hotfixes or programs that need to be installed for the sidebar to work on xp sp3? I only ask cause when i put it in my unattended install it threw up and error message on first login and it will not work after that! (National Language Support Downlevel APIs update is not installed. Reinstalling Alky for Applications may fix this problem.)
  4. Do what Mr Thunderbird said and then use a program called easybcd to change the bootloader, then you will be able to choose either xp or vista when starting your computer. Ive used this program for a while with no problems :thumbsup_anim:
  5. Ahhhh well ok thats a shame, i was hoping to make a full auto installer that could be added with Nlite or WPI like ive seen on other unattended windows :thumbsdown_anim:
  6. Hi Rick im having the same problem as Beetsie, how do you add the sig.bin to the addon? :confused02:
  7. Wow it only bloody worked didnt it!! Thanks guys :thumbsup_anim:
  8. So you mean by right clicking on the setup info in the addon file it will install alky for apps, wlan and the sidebar automatically? If so then oops!! :thumbsup_anim: Ive only ever used nlite to remove bloat from xp installs, ive also slipstreamed sp2 but im unsure how to slipstream the addon into it as well? Im also not sure of this intergrator you speak of? :questionmark:
  9. Sorry new to all this stuff, what do you mean by intergration install?? :confused02: I installed it by: Ie7 1st Wlan hotfix 2nd Alky installer 3rd Then the sidebar by right clicking on sidebar setup info. Is this correct?
  10. Could this sidebar + the alky installer be auto installed with wpi? :thumbsup_anim: If so how? :icon_cool:
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