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  1. @x23Piracy Interesting ... Can you post your setupcomplete.cmd ... BTW: AFIK WinToolkit installer looks for the 'apps' folder by looking first for the drive with the install.wim file > %InstallRoot%\sources\install.wim
  2. great thanks ... So if I removed the | character in front it would have the same effect as the toggle switch In Win Toolkit AIO > Installers? EDIT: Seems to be the case, just remove the pipe sybol seems to hold. Awesome!
  3. @x23piracy, I have searched high and low for more more information ob this odd behavior. But all i can find is either not reliable or solutions such as the one tried. No real reason as to why or what is the problem. I suspect it has something do to with the way the partition tables are setup on the source media (in this case a san disk usb drive.) I would start there.
  4. Thtats great, I had a feeling that post #23 would work. I have seen this unusual annoying behavior, not only with San Disk but other brands as well.
  5. March 3, 2013: Bandwidth Restored. March 6, 2013: Moved files over to MEGA (more bandwidth) :thumbsup_anim:
  6. Silent installers that are executed by WinToolkitRunOnce can be found in HKLM > WIM_Software > WinToolKit. Love it! I go there sometimes to make make minor adjustments to my silent installers. but... Where can I find within the loaded registry hive the Keys that control the 'Install automatically' switch from AIO > Installers?
  7. merci pour cet addon merveilleux. J'ai juste une question. Est-il posible de forcer ou d'intégrer un langage deifferent?
  8. From what I can tell all the drivers in DP_Chipset_wnt6-x64_1212 are all signed. In essence the option to force unsigned drivers will have not effect because all drivers in the pack are signed. If for example you were to try an integrate a driver that was unsigned with the Force unsigned unchecked than DISM would throw out an error and pass over the driver. On the hand, with the Force Unsigned checked, would force DISM to integrate the unsigned driver regardless. Hope this helps in your quest for understanding.
  9. Which driver pack are you working with? Have you checked the log to verify that the drivers were in fact integrated and not just passed over.
  10. It is my understanding this occurs during the OOBE pass of Windows Setup.
  11. @x23piracy Have you looked at the setup logs? http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd744583(v=ws.10).aspx 1. what size is your install.wim? 2. what file system is your UFD formated with? 3. have you tried the solution in post #23?
  12. Drivers that are signed can usually be identified by their driver.cat file. Forcing the integration of unsigned drivers means exactly that. You force the driver to be integrated regardless if it signed or not. However doing so can cause various issues during a windows install. It really depends on several factors. Digital Signatures (Windows Drivers): http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-ca/library/windows/hardware/ff543743(v=vs.85).aspx
  13. Removed for Copyright infringement ... It really was not all that interesting anyhow ...
  14. Considering the amount of useful info in the forum, I would be more than happy to put together some sort of FAQ.
  15. Thanks compstuff for taking the time to confirm.Knowing this will change a few things that i normally during the Win Toolkit phase.
  16. @Compstuff Can you confirm that installers run first and then setup complete. I just saw a post by etz that claims the oposite. Setupcomplete.cmd first then the installers. Post by etz
  17. @Etz I was under the impression that WinToolkit RunOnce was executed before setupcomplete.cmd and not Setupcomplete.cmd and WinToolkit_Runonce after?
  18. Thanks for this, I prefer your slim installer, I'm adding this not much larger tweaked installer to my .NET framework Library.
  19. takes 4 hours to rebuild my image from untouched Win 7 x64 SP1 (7601) about 110 updates, ie9, windows update agent, about a dozen installers and about 16 tweaks and Black Vipers Tweaaked Services, and a few choice add-ons.
  20. No tweak or app added. this is the default behaviour of my Win 7 SP1 (7601) [Vanilla] installation. The only sell extensions I have are those of HashCheck and Open Cmd prompt.
  21. @compstuff, You and I use the same tools for removing ADS (Zone.Indentifier) streams. I've been considering using this more global approach. it's a layer of security i can live without. .
  22. My understanding is that DISM will process them but skip over them It's really a matter of preference, I prefer to use a fresh untouched source, unless it something minor like adding 1 or 2 drivers. My work-flow something like this. 1. integrate updates 2. test 3. Silent installers and SFX 4. drivers 5. tweaks 6. test (optional) 7. everything else
  23. Just be sure the option is checked before you start the integration. Also I have also notice driver and add-ons not integrating with DISM when trying to integrate driver packs, add-ons and updates that were downloaded from the net using internet explorer. Right click the driver file in question and look at it's proprieties. Under the General Tab look just below the attributes for the file and click unblock. See screen capture for a visual. EDIT: As compstuff mentions in the next post Alternate Stream view is also available for bulk unblocking. FYI: NTFS Alternate Streams: What, When, and How To
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