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  1. LOL. I have a back up of all my software, music etc. but just to many movies to make a hard copy, but will do now. LOL. I don't think I was that lucky though. I will find out soon.

    Just finished installing my Seagate 250mb IDE drive, replacing a WDD250 that was dieing. Was an easy clone with their DiskWizard program. Less than 1 hour

  2. OK. I just had a 320g die on me. What I mean by that is it lost the title (Movies) and is no local J: I have over 300 movies on it, so I am hoping to be able to repair it, which I don't think is possible being that I can not access it. When I click on the drive, nothing happens, I can't right click it or anything.

    This drive is only 2 months old and I have only used it for storage.

    Does anyone have any ideals on what I can do?

    Contact the drive vendor as some have ways to help save you (some of) files

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