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  1. Pro as soon as I find the right college kid
  2. Besides Billy would never use SUPERIOR software :thumbsup_anim:
  3. I have both Ubuntu and Puppy running from within Windows at this time. I can say that before 7 will ever grace my PC, Ubuntu will likely be the OS of choice. Fir now I scream "Long live XP pro" the best Micro$oft ever came out with
  4. 1st place here Opera 10 by a 95% margin, 5% will go to IE8. Once set up like I want Opera can't be beat by any browser. I don't allow the fox anywhere near my PC
  5. Then you can have a skito bite on your but (_o_(.))
  6. You know I downloaded 7, burnt to a DVD. Reason; I miss those free AOl Frisbee's and needed something to toss around something to toss around Long live XP!
  7. XP Pro SP3 as main system, also booting to both Linux Puppy 4.2.1 and Ubuntu 9.04 Long live XP, but should it fail, Linux will be the OS of choice. There will never be Vista or 7 at this house
  8. I prefer Sun VirtualBox also.
  9. And you can never reinstall them. The key will only work o the first day and never again
  10. This offer has now been replaced with something other than Paint Shop Pro X
  11. http://www.desktopsidebar.com/download.html Must be this one he's talking about
  12. Never had a fear you wouldn't reappear!!!!!
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