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  1. Hi Lego, Another small cosmetic error to be fixed: When launching an oder Version of WTK a newer version ist offered, although v1.6.0.9 is (still) actual. Thanks for your work. Regards, Nemo
  2. Same here. No log files were written. Tested on 2 PCs. v1.6.0.1 works on same PCs. Regards, Nemo
  3. Good news, guys: Available >HERE< In the meantime Legolash2o replaced v1.5.4.9. Later test builds can be found >HERE<. Regards, Nemo
  4. Didn't you read my post ? There is no need for PNs. Everybody can find the appropriate DL for WTK 1.4.x., although it's not written in French. Regards, Nemo
  5. Today unfortunately the proposed workaround with changing the date to 2016 no longer worked for me when I wanted to integrate the actual cumulative paches into a Win10/RS1 image with WTK v1.5.4.8. As long as Lego won't fix the bug only the older WTK v1.4.47.2 will handle Win10 images. Tests (x64 and x86) in VMs were successful. A short description with link to DL the old version you'll find in German Windows-Unattended forum. When following the link have a look at paragraph 4! @Legolash2o: If you don't want your programs be provided there drop a line to Sven/Unantastbar. Regards, Nemo
  6. Hi Nemo_G, hatte mich heute bei "Windows-Unattended" registriert und warte noch immer auf die E-Mail von dem Verein, dauert das immer so lange?  <_< 

    MfG  :) 


  7. Hi, Independently from Chains1041 I found out the same workaround a few days ago and published it in German Windows-Unattended forum. The reported issue only affects All-in-One-Integrator in WTK 1.5.x. But not ISO Maker, USB Boot Prep and not WTK You have to adjust the date to 2016 before calling the All-in-One-Integrator, but it should re-adjusted while processing in order to get correct time stamps for Install.WIM and LS.INI. Hope Lego will read this and fix the bug. Although I helped to translate WTK v2 to German, it's more important to keep WTK v1 running under Win10. Regards, Nemo
  8. Hi Lego, I made a new translation to German. A link to the actual version depending on your progress can be found on Win-Lite.de @Thiersee: You're invited to have a look at the file. BTW: Haven't seen you there for a long time. Regards, Nemo_G
  9. Hi Lego, Although Thiersee gave me a hint to improve one expression WTK looks good with my translation stamped at 22:53h. I'll have this one and a few others in mind for the next steps, You're talking of v2.0.0.10B? I compared the en_US of v2.0.0.8C withe the one of v2.0.0.10B. Is there a simple break point (line xxx) between old and new version? Otherwise it will be rather complicated to update the new one. Just a proposal for the trial section: As you offer W2012 R2, what do you think about W2012 R2 Essential as an additional trial? Regards, Nemo
  10. Hi Lego, my mistake! No further extensions necessary. The actual version is now created at 22:53h. Hope this will be the last one for today. Regards, Nemo de-DE_2014-07-07_22-53.zip
  11. After having switched the editor to advanced mode I was able to upload my file. See post #38 #42. Regards, Nemo UPDATE: The actual file was created at 22:34h.
  12. Hi Lego, Altough you asked not to present further language files here is my de-DE.xaml (based on v2.0.0.8 with credits to Thiersee, who helped me to eliminate some bugs. Regard in your en_US file: Line 67: ,,, You can prepare even prepare your ,,, Regards, Nemo EDIT: Attached file deleted. Reason: Could not be unpacked. New trial see in post #42
  13. When I write batches (*.bat, *.cmd) I can't use notepad.exe (ANSI !). I use pspad.exe with OEM characters. Which editor do you use?
  14. Hi Lego, My question is important because of our German umlauts: Is notepad.exe (ANSI) sufficient for editting the TXT file? BTW: win-lite.de has been revived! Regards, Nemo
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