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  1. Is there a setting for turning of automatic updates and letting me choose for myself? If so - where do I find it? I mean when I prepare the installation with Win Toolkit - not after I installed it.
  2. Thanx Lego, new version works just fine.
  3. Thanx for the updated version of your addon! It works just fine. One question. Is there any update(s) that I should exclude when using this version instead of the prior 20151130.WA? Big thanx for your work, Happy X-mas and a Happy New Year!
  4. I always build every "edition" from zero, a clean win 7 x64 sp1 image. I integrate updates according to my clean list. Yes, use an ssd and you will be happier and run it overnight if You have to. My wintoolkit process takes under 40 minutes.
  5. When You done that (checking one-by-one on windows update catalog) once it´s only to keep up with the monthly MS Security Bulletins, See which new updates that are added and remove the superseeded. After that You run Wintoolkit as usual. It´s no fun - but it works!
  6. Not sure about that at all. I keep my windows 7 x64 iso up to date every month, adding the new updates I want and removing the superseeded updates. My iso is still under 5 GB...
  7. Works fine for me. See attached part of configfile. updates.txt
  8. @pedilover I fear that You are right... It´s very sad cause this is/was a really great project, and I would have loved to buy the final product.
  9. Hello tealc, Have you installed DISM 8.1? Try downloading and installing it. It´s on the WinToolkit site.
  10. Just visited it, and I think it looks great! I suggest a comparetable like ccleaner at piriform has for the overview/compare versions page. I think it´s easier to se the diff then.
  11. Please excuse me for asking a (maybe) silly question. If the latest update is 3063911 (as written on the first page) where do I find it since my windows update does not offer such a update. OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64 with your "dotNetFx452_x64.W7.20150416.Regular.wa" and a updated OS (with WinToolkit which works just great!
  12. Unfortunately same happend to me. - WindowsToolkit 2.0.5642.1187 crashed on start - Tested under Windows 7 SP1 (all Updates) x64
  13. If you are happy - I´m happy! I will buy it on release! Happy Easter to everyone :fun:
  14. How do I get access? Username AND password? /Sweden8
  15. Sorry... tested with "dotNetFx452_x64.W7.20150212.Regular.WA" and "Reapers.7.Zip.9.35.Windows7.thru.10.Dual.AddOn.WA". None of them got installed. Sweden8
  16. Sorry - no it did´nt install addon (dotNetFx452_x64.W7.20150212.Regular.WA). I will give it a new try tomorrow.
  17. This experimental didn´t install any addons. Is that what you referred to in the in the notes?
  18. I will go for the PRO edition! :thumbsup_anim: I want it all!
  19. Sounds great to me :thumbsup_anim:
  20. Thanx for a great addon! Have to ask if there is a list of the individual updates that are included in the addon? Just so I don´t integrate both them and this addon. Thanx from Sweden8
  21. Hello Thiersee, Thanx for a quick answer. I obviously missed that in the bulletin... Big thanx. Sweden8
  22. Hello everybody, I seem to have a small problem with one of the February updates (KB3021952). I add it, togehter with the others - but it doesn´t install - it pops up in Windows Update after installation is complete. Any tips would be appreciated. I attach a copy of my ini-file. Big thanx in advance Sweden8 ps. I just LOVE Win Toolkit :throb: WTK.ini
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