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  1. I cannot imagine there are many (if any) programmers who do not create built in access to their own program... the question on my mind is whether Microsoft or ANY corporation, really has the option of saying NO to the NSA... (it wouldn't seem prudent if our NSA, is as Ruthless, as they are Hapless... )
  2. hmm... I wonder if I keep browsing topics on this site, maybe I can find even more inane post than this one ? :shifty: or perhaps not. I suppose everyone has an opinion, and a need to be heard.... but, as for myself... time is precious. so perhaps I need to pay more attention to the titles, for more Focused content. I'm so overloaded, I feel like "the walking dead"... (WORK, SCHOOL, sleep... WORK, SCHOOL, sleep... WORK, SCHOOL, sleep... :type: )
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