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  1. Hi, well then the last hope will be the sandisk forum but i have the feeling that they will be silent around that problem. Greetz X23
  2. Hi, there must be a way to find out the exact reason.?! Greetz X23
  3. Hi, lets Bomb the Sandisk Forum together? http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/All-SanDisk-USB-Flash-Drives/Sandisk-Extreme-USB-3-0-unusable-as-Windows-Install-Medium-all/td-p/293233 Greetz X23
  4. Hi, i can confirm it's a must to pull the Sandisk USB 3.0 Extreme while partition choosing, then refresh, put in again, another refresh and its possible to install to the hdd. Nasty Workaround but i works. I want to fix that! but how? Greetz X23
  5. Hi, i cannot get managed to get this work to install silently with installer. If i try my sfx after installer have finished and first login is passed and i rerun the pakage it installs fine. If needed if will upload the pakage somewhere. Using this in a Batch: "%cd%\setup.exe" /quiet /log "%windir%\Temp\Navision.log" /config "%cd%\Classic.xml" After trying directly via sfxmaker parameters: setup.exe /quiet /log /config Classic.xml Both methods with a sfx doesnt work while executed by installer, but when its finished and i rerun the pakages they install fine. source (german): http://www.grobmanschwarz.de/ms-dynamics-nav-blog/501-silent-oder-unattended-installation-fuer-dynamics-nav I have a different Problem with Sage ACT 2013... batch: "%cd%\ACTWG\setup.exe" /s /f1"%cd%\ACTWG\issconfig.iss"sfx: setup.exe /s /f1"issconfig.iss"(missing space between f1 and "iss... is correct) source (english): http://kb.sagesoftwareonline.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/30327/~/how-to-perform-a-silent-installation-of-sage-act!-premium-2013 Both dont work while installer, after firstlogin they work. Maybe someone else installing these pakages? Greetz X23
  6. Hi, lets say the stick is detected as sata hdd and not as usb stick itselfs, how is the priority from windows setup to set this or that decive infront of the internal disk list? (sorry i dont know how to spell that better). we can test that with booting from dvd while the usb stick is connected. I can do this tomorrow at work. Maybe it is a priorisation for usb 3.0 devices (regardingless they are connected to usb 3.0 or 2.0) before interal sata devices. Greetz X23
  7. Hi, iam using: DP_Chipset_wnt6-x64_1212 My boot.wim was growen before ~190mb now 201mb so something was integrated. Under Logs i only find Mount Logs nothing with drivers. Do you mean the log that pops up after driver integration? If that isn't saved automatically anywere then i also didn't saved it but afair it was looking good. Greetz X23
  8. Hi, The only reason to reconnect the stick an then it works is that setup trys to install bootloader to sandisk instead of hdd that is choosen. The Question is how to solve this behaviour. This i wrong no change between usb 2.0 or usb 3.0 port That a driver is missing is possible. Greetz X23
  9. Hi, yes but if i haven't checked the option to force unsigned and i integrate drivers then their status goes to green if everything went normal, means that while force unsigned is unchecked that they are signed? in my understanding wintoolkit (dism) should skip them because the option is off. Greetz X23
  10. Hi, i've tried it both on usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports same failure, i've integrated all usb drivers from driverpacks.net latest chipset pakage no change... 1. i have two images lqr and gdr ~ lqr around 4,7GB and GDR around 3,6GB 2. NTFS 3. yes see above. Greetz X23
  11. Hi, should i enable force unsigned if i integrate driverpacks from driverpacks.net? the integration state is always green is that also meaning it is signed until i enable force unsigned? Greetz X23
  12. Hi, it isn't open source? i've never checked that... Lego whats the confidential with it? I don't know lego him self maybe others who are nearer at him may answer more detailed. Greetz X23
  13. Hi, afaik lego is very busy with university... it's not dead but growing slowly... and afaik wintoolkit is a one man show stay tuned. Greetz X23
  14. hahaha i want it iam 1,98m short, would fit perfect.... Nice one NIM
  15. Hi, man if that works you are my hero but anyway it's a dirty workaround i really want to find out whats happening... do you know more ? My english is also a mess The solution you describe speaks for my idea that windows trys to install the bootloader in the sandisk stick mistakenly. How can i find that out while setup is running, is there a hidden console or something to debug that? Greetz/Grüße X23
  16. Hi, i don't create a personal unique image, its for corporate and should work universal Greetz X23
  17. Hi, thank but i reintegrated all drivers again with integrate boot.wim option, the boot.wim size has changed so i have them included, but it will not with my usb 3.0 stick. Maybe is the 3.0 driver missing in the pack that i need. Greetz X23
  18. Hi, the problem is the same at usb 2.0 ports, same error. Someone told me that the system is also searching for usb 3.0 driver even if i use a usb 3.0 stick on a usb 2.0 port. Also i have integrated all usb 3.0 drivers from the driverpacks.net chipset pakage into my boot.wim. Problem exists. And again my problem is not that the stick doesnt boot it boot very well but i cannot pass the setup at the stage where i select a partition to install windows 7 to. The setup tells me it cannot create or find any partition to install. But i always see the harddisk and partition on any testsystem, i can create and delete partition but i can never klick next, then the error message appears. Greetz X23
  19. Hi, i've now integrated usb driver to boot.wim (Driverpacks.net Chipset Pack) but the same nevermind iam using 2.0 or 3.0 Interface the stick boots and later i cant go on in the partition to install chooose menu. ARGH! Greetz X23
  20. Hi, you are right, for some kind of reason i stopped reading the readme.txt after explaining method 2, why i dont know. Sorry for the shame. Greetz X23
  21. Hi, integrated usb driver to boot.wim but that isn't a solution for my usb 3.0 stick that will not work properly . Greetz X23
  22. Hi, yeah actually iam using a setupcomplete.cmd with a reboot cmd. Greetz X23
  23. Hi, i have a reboot in my setupcomplete.cmd and the machine makes this reboot before installer appears. Greetz X23
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