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  1. Hi, what the difference between GDR? and (normal)? Greetz X23
  2. Hi, i solved the problem myself... iam so stupid unchecked option_ delete silent installers caused my problem Greetz X23
  3. Hi, just to see if it works nothing else. I didn't knew that it makes problems in vm's. Greetz X23
  4. Hi, i think that you dont understand me so a screenshots: 98 Integrated but... I just have 50 silent installs in my list! This is my ini: *AIO#Silent InstallsWindows KB2533552::N/A (Not Needed);NO;9.23 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\WinToolkit141-15_Test15\Updates\McRip Windows 7 x64\Additional\Extra\Windows6.1-KB2533552-x64.msu;Always InstalledInternet Explorer 9 Language Pack German::N/A (Not Needed);NO;728.27 KB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\WinToolkit141-15_Test15\Updates\McRip Windows 7 x64\Additional\KB982861.Internet.Explorer.9.0\IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-x64-deu.msu;Always InstalledMicrosoft Malicious Software Removal Tool::;NO;18.78 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\WinToolkit141-15_Test15\Updates\McRip Windows 7 x64\Additional\Malicious Software Removal Tool\Reapers.Microsoft.Malicious.Software.Removal.4.17.x64.exe;Always InstalledMicrosoft Maliciours Software Removal Definitions::;NO;21.81 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\WinToolkit141-15_Test15\Updates\McRip Windows 7 x64\Additional\Extra\mpas-feX64.exe;Always InstalledDot.Net Framework 4.5 AIO::;NO;137.44 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\WinToolkit141-15_Test15\Updates\McRip Windows 7 x64\Additional\DotNet Framework 4.5\Reapers.Dot.Net.Framework.4.5.AIO.x64.exe;Always InstalledSAD2 (nicht in einer VM ausführen!)::SAD2 (nicht in einer VM ausführen!);NO;91.26 KB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\SAD2\SAD2_manual.exe;Prompt Install7zip::;NO;1.31 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\7zip\7z920_x64.msi;Always InstalledAdobe Reader::;NO;47.62 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Acrobat Reader\AdbeRdr11001_de_DE_silent.exe;Always InstalledFlash Player Internet Explorer::;NO;16.08 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Flash\install_flash_player_11_active_x_ie.msi;Always InstalledFlash Player Other Browser::;NO;16.68 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Flash\install_flash_player_11_plugin_other.msi;Always InstalledActiveFax::-Auto -Client -Hidden -NoStartup -IP:;NO;9.90 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\ActiveFax\actfax_setup_x64_ge.exe;Prompt InstallBroadgun (MultiPDF)::;NO;6.36 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\PDFMachine\Broadgun.exe;Prompt InstallCheckpoint VPN Client::;NO;14.25 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\VPN\VPN_x64.msi;Prompt InstallEVA::;NO;17.20 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\EVA\EVA60.msi;Prompt InstallNavision Classic::;NO;59.13 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Navision\Navision Classic.exe;Prompt InstallGreenshot::/VERYSILENT /norun;NO;1.22 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Greenshot\Greenshot-INSTALLER-;Always InstalledJava::/s WEB_JAVA=0;NO;90.41 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Java\jdk-7u13-windows-x64.exe;Always InstalledNavision Documentation::;NO;16.98 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Navision\Navision Documentation.exe;Prompt InstallMegaView::/S;NO;22.00 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\MegaCAD Viewer\MegaView.exe;Prompt InstallMegaView3D::/S;NO;4.54 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\MegaCAD Viewer\MegaView3D.exe;Prompt InstallTeamViewer 7 Standard Konfiguration::;NO;92.82 KB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Regedit\TeamViewer\Standard\Standard.exe;Prompt InstallTeamViewer 7 Notebook Konfiguration::;NO;92.82 KB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Regedit\TeamViewer\Laptop\Laptop.exe;Prompt InstallOffice 2007::;NO;670.41 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Office 2007 MLP\Office 2007.exe;Prompt InstallOffice 2010::;NO;1.23 GB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Office 2010 Professional\Office 2010.exe;Prompt InstallBrowser - Google::;NO;30.89 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Browser\Chrome\GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi;Prompt InstallBrowser - Firefox::-ms;NO;19.22 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Browser\Firefox\Firefox Setup 18.0.2.exe;Prompt InstallBrowser - Opera::/silent /launchopera 0 /setdefaultbrowser 0 /startmenushortcut 1;NO;12.56 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Browser\Opera\Opera_1214_int_Setup.exe;Prompt InstallBrowser - Safari::;NO;36.46 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Browser\Safari\Safari.msi;Prompt InstallDaemon Tools Lite::;NO;9.50 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Daemon Tools Lite\DTLite4461-0328-Silent.exe;Prompt InstallFileZilla::/S;NO;4.31 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\FileZilla\FileZilla_3.5.3_win32-setup.exe;Prompt InstallInfraRecorder::;NO;3.96 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\InfraRecorder\ir053_x64.msi;Prompt InstallIrfanview::/silent /thumbs=0 /desktop=0;NO;1.84 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Irfanview\iview435g_setup.exe;Prompt InstallIrfanview Plugins::/silent;NO;9.85 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Irfanview Plugins\irfanview_plugins_435_setup.exe;Prompt InstallKies::/S;NO;64.89 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Kies\KiesSetup.exe;Prompt InstallNotepad++::/S;NO;5.65 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Notepad++\npp.6.3.Installer.exe;Prompt InstallProcall::;NO;41.24 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Procall\UCClient_de_x64.msi;Prompt InstallPutty::/VERYSILENT /SP-;NO;1.76 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Putty\putty-0.62-installer.exe;Prompt InstallSkype::;NO;20.59 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Skype\SkypeSetup.msi;Prompt InstallTrueCrypt::;NO;5.13 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\TrueCrypt\Truecrypt7.1a.msi;Prompt InstallUltraVNC::/silent /norestart;NO;3.52 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\UltraVNC\UltraVNC_1_1_8_X64_Setup.exe;Prompt InstallUltraVNC Addons::;NO;1.45 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\UltraVNC\UltraVNC_1_1_8_X64_Addons.exe;Prompt InstallVLC::/S;NO;21.86 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\VLC\vlc-2.0.5-win32.exe;Prompt InstallWinRAR::/S;NO;1.69 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\WinRAR\winrar-x64-420d.exe;Prompt InstallWinSCP::/VERYSILENT /NORESTART;NO;4.75 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\WinSCP\winscp513setup.exe;Prompt InstallUpdater - Dell Client System Update::;NO;18.92 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Updater\Dell Client System Update\Dell Client System Update.msi;Prompt InstallUpdater - Fujitsu Deskupdate::;NO;1.25 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Updater\Fujitsu DeskUpdate\Deskupdate_install.exe;Prompt InstallUpdater - Lenovo System Update::;NO;16.58 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\Updater\Lenovo System Update\setup_silent.exe;Prompt InstallBrowserauswahlbildschirm - KB976002::N/A (Not Needed);NO;263.45 KB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\WinToolkit141-15_Test15\Updates\McRip Windows 7 x64\Additional\BallotScreen\Windows6.1-KB976002-x64.msu;Prompt InstallRemotedesktopprotokoll 8.0 - KB2592687::N/A (Not Needed);NO;6.80 MB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\WinToolkit141-15_Test15\Updates\McRip Windows 7 x64\Additional\RemoteDesktopProtocol8.0\Windows6.1-KB2592687-x64.msu;Prompt InstallTrendmicro OfficeScan::;NO;91.27 KB;C:\Users\schulz\Desktop\Install\OfficeScan\officescan_silent.exe;Prompt InstallIf i copy a new iso into wintoolkit and integrate it works, when i then add another sfx and make a new iso i have duplicates. Where is the place wintoolkit saves older integrations, doesnt it clear that if a new iso will be created? confused.. Greetz X23
  5. Hi, and again now i have a doubled list. What is the right way of usage of wintoolkit? Isnt it possible to add sfx, make iso and later same again with same base? I thougth i can leave the apps directory untouched? Or must i empty it? With my last try i deleted the folder contents. I Thougth Wintoolkit will empty the apps folders an recreates it when i create another iso. Would be a pain to always make a fresh copy and integrate everything new. Where can i delete old entries for sfx that wintoolkit seems to save and doesnt check of duplicates. Greetz X23
  6. Hi, same problem here some examples: ie language pack malicious software malicious software definitions dot.net framework 4.5 AIO I made a update run this morning with mcrip It seems that a folder cleanup is been done. Workaround is to store the files outside the update directory or don't hit update mcrip Greetz X23
  7. Hi, i have a strange problem, my installer shows duplicate entrys that are not visible in wintoolkit and even not in the ini. Any ideas? Greetz X23
  8. Hi, the way i test my AIO is to install it into a vm, if there is confusion because the special needs of virtual box with drivers, then i should stop testing sad2 in a vm and more likely on a physically machine. I just asked to get sure if there are maybe problems in vms with sad2. Greetz X23
  9. Hi, i have tested the same image without automated run of sad2, everything fine... Then i manual started sad2 and let it running after that i rebooted. Then NIC, Sound, Graphic and a Base System Device have a ! in device manager. I hope this is related to virtualbox behavior and will hopefully not happen on a physical machine. Had someone a similiar problem? The bit strange thing with this problem is that i have integrated, lan, wlan, mass storage and chipset drivers from the same archives sad2 uses into my image. Is there a difference of integrating driver packs into image to run the sad2 script? Iam wondering that ! devices not happen without running sad2 script. Greetz X23
  10. Hi, i have now SAD2 integrated to oem folder and it will executed but i have one problem, it seems that the lan pakage broke the virtualbox network driver. After SAD2 was runnning and a reboot was done, the nic in the virtual machine is not working anymore. I dont know why that happens because i allready have lan drivers integrated into my win7 iso and that are the same like SAD2 uses. So what is the difference here? Greetz X23
  11. Hi, ok thank you i will take a look at WAIK, never seen or used before Greetz X23
  12. Hi, thank you man! I vow to improve. Something else: If i add a changed autounattended.xml it takes some time to see that it works, integration into image, installation on a vm. Is there any tool out that validates an autounattended.xml? Would be nice to know if the xml is ok without needing to test every little change. Greetz X23
  13. Hi, i normally always integrate all the kb's i remember there was a time in the past where several kb's caused problems with corporate software like datev or special solutions. Well known standard software should have no problems with a fully patched system. Greetz X23
  14. Hi, because of your very excellent autounattended.xml where is your information source of whats all possible with an autounattended.xml? Are there Tools available where i can choose what for a xml i need and it creates it? Greetz X23
  15. Hi, what or where is that setupcomplete.cmd? is it a windows 7 thing or something related to wintoolkit? Can't i also make a bat file that triggers dp_install_tool as last thing under sfx in wintoolkit? Greetz X23
  16. Hi, automatic domain join like thiersee explained is working but i cannot get the always install on first hdd on first partition thingy to work. Is anyone using some autounattended.xml and gimme a hint? Greetz X23
  17. Hi, thank you for the quick answer That means if i want that AMD filter driver i better make two isos, one for everything except the filter drivers and one with all just for amd? BTW. for what are the amd filter drivers used? Ok i understand but it would be nice to have the maximum possible... (if the problem haven't arrived, my next step would be printer drivers) better not Means having them on the iso but not integrated, and maybe giving an option in installer (as last position) to run dp_install_tool.cmd or having them all on a network share right? If iam right that tool searches for needed drivers and installs them? Thanks for your help Greetz X23
  18. Hi, well done thank you and of course i may was a bit to lazy Greetz X23
  19. Thank you for the bunch of links , again for the edition choice, i have a win 7 iso with non removed ei.cfg and i just see professional but i have to choose it. I dont see any reason to choose if there is no real choice because there is only one entry in the list So any other ideas? Greetz X23
  20. Hi, thank you for the hint but that stuff isn't documented anywhere? @Lego nothing? Greetz X23
  21. Hi, iam very happy because everything is working like excepted now, so my final take was the integration of drivers. I've downloaded every driver pack offered by driverpacks.net and integrated them. With my first attempt in a virtual machine i got a bluescreen after first reboot (while installing) iam not sure if it was 0x0000007a or 0x0000007b but both standing for inaccessible boot device. Well ok i thougth maybe a bug related to virtual machine drivers, lets test on a physical system. So i tried it on a common hp workstation and same bluescreen... Has anyone an idea how to find out which driver may is broken or accidentilly installed wrong? It seems to be better to just add drivers i really need and not adding a collection? What do you think about and how do you manage your driver integrations? Greetz X23
  22. Hi, not yet but i made the circel tigther, it must be 976002 or 2592687 (i more prefer that the guilty one must be 2592687). I just removed that two from automatic to manual, then all worked fine. Lets say its 2592687, if that is true it should be installed as last one, then reboot. Greetz X23
  23. Hi, is it possible to add an acoustic notification if the installer appears and asks me to choose what to install? My win 7 installation is fully automated the only thing i have to do is choosing the pakets. What would be cool is: - Use of internal speaker - No Alarm like Atom Bomb is coming, something recognizable but no heart attack. - In the moment the mouse clicks first or a key is pressed alarm is stopped. @Lego What do you think about it? Anyone else? Greetz X23
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