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  1. On December 11, 2011, I posted Version onto the website. Today, I finally got around to editing the first post to reflect this change. Here is the changelog: What Changed In Version - Updated Explorer refresh code so that it works with Windows 7. - Fixed shortcut creation issue that was found in - Removed Uninstall shortcut for Vista and later operating systems.
  2. Good question... I'm not sure. I know that the program you want to use to install the updates is "pkgmgr". I don't know and haven't experimented with installing the CAB files on a Vista install before. Maybe cabbing the CAB file might work? I know that sounds stupid, but I just don't know.... I'll move it for ya....
  3. :notworking: I can't find the additional ram i downloaded..... Can anyone help me?
  4. Texas Hold'em request has been split from this topic into this topic. DreamScene has been discussed in this topic.
  5. What's Changed in v3.0.0.26: - Added code to detect whether the source folder has already been integrated previously. - "Use Pro" box enabled when integrating to Media Center Editions.
  6. I can add functionality to inform the user if the install has already been patched. It shouldn't be hard to do. As for whether the GUI can "upgrade" a previously integrated session, I wouldn't see why it couldn't. Even though integrating two different XPtsp themes could result in a mish-mash of appearances, there isn't anything that would prevent a second integration. EDIT: Regarding the active title font, I can't seem to figure out where the setting is being held.....
  7. I see that the first post says that these add-ons are for Windows XP and 2003, yet your .Net Framework 4.0 indicates it works with Windows 7. So this fact brings me to my two (possibly) stupid questions: (1) Will your .NET Framework 3.5 add-on work with Vista, say by integrating via DX True Integrator? (2) Can you make a x64 version to update Vista? Thanks in advance....
  8. Great job! Thanks! One request, though: Any chance of a x64 version of this add-on? Edited last question cause it got answered in another thread....
  9. Any chance this would work for Vista SP2? If not, can you recommend a SVCPACK or add-on that would? Thanks!
  10. As far as I can tell, that is set by the operating system, not XPtsp. I think I can set it to be the default settings, though.... Lemme investigate how to do this in AutoIt....
  11. Hallelujah!!!! Thank you for the feedback! Okay, this problem will be fixed in the next version. Let me know if there is need for the fix RIGHT NOW and I'll release it. Until then, it'll get released when there are more problems to fix.
  12. What's Changed in v3.0.0.25: - Rewrote some code dealing with the visual themes and Icon Only packages.
  13. :oops: I thought I had uploaded a new version since December 26, 2011...... Damn :confused02: :shy: I wasn't aware that CAD2009 wasn't installing.... EDIT: Just performed a Live Install on XP Home using v3.0.0.25.... CAD 2009 was installed. Will try a Integration into a source folder next.... EDIT2: Just integrated into XP Home and installed in a VM. CAD 2009 was NOT installed. So I'm fixed the issue and am uploading a new copy of Original.extra to address this issue.
  14. Trying not to lose my mind this Christmas

  15. What's Changed in v3.0.0.24: - Fixed the code flagging whether or not the theme package is a Full Pack or Icon Only. Burned: Out of curiosity, which theme package where you using? EDIT: :ranting: <-- This is how I feel.... I'm an idiot... :doh: Nevermind, the problem isn't with the theme but with the GUI. I've fixed the problem and will upload the fixed version shortly.....
  16. I have been rewriting the website and I might have been working on that section at that moment. I apologize for the inconvience, however, the site links should work. At the moment, the mirror links don't. Hmmmm...... I'll look into it.
  17. All XPtsp themes: - Removed the TASKMGR.EXE.*.RES files that did not exist in the original batch versions. I did this to remove some bad resource files that get corrupted every time I delete the dialog boxes out of the them.
  18. What's Changed in v3.0.0.23: - Updated Reshacker to v3.6.0. - Fixed CAD 2009 background replacement issue that phasma found. - Replaced System Restore creation code with code that calls SRCLIENT.DLL directly. (Issue found by phasma) - Fixed several incorrect entries in XPtsp.ini that phasma found. - Removed code responsible for selecting different Task Manager themes. I've been working a lot of hours lately and haven't been able to respond in a timely manner lately.... I've replaced the System Restore code in the GUI with a system restore UDF. The UDF calls the SRCLIENT.DLL instead of making object calls, so it shouldn't crash AutoIt should it fail to create a System Restore point. As for how to detect whether System Restore is actually present, I don't really know how to do that. I've modified the GUI to check for the SRCLIENT.DLL file, and if it present, to present the option to do so. Hopefully, that'll be enough to prevent something bad from happening :type: I looked at the spoiler and you're quite right: The code for the CAD 2009 background replacement was wrong. I've fixed that error in the code. Also fixed the XPtsp.ini as requested, as that's not right, either. I'll fix the CAD2009 add-on shortly....
  19. Okay, I'll fix those theme packages as well. Do those packages have the System control panel applet issue with the image in the Remote tab missing?
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