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  1. On the other computer that is Win 7 x64 installs and when run get this error:


    P.S: In fact I really don't have those folders in the error message.

    When I get the chance will test it in Win 7 x86, maybe tomorrow.

    Here is the error in Win 7 x86 while installing:


  2. Installers in links are updated to version 4.0.8, but both x86 x64 are causing problems on different computers, not a single one installed and run normally. No such problems with 4.0.6 same computers.

    Redownloaded couple of times. all runtimes updated, pls recheck the repacks, something wrong there.

  3. 8u60 - not packed with UPX error
    Update: Solved
    First I got this (screen is from second attempt, wheres the files were already downloaded from the first):


    So after couple of tries I got it work as regular on another computer. Still figuring out the problem, suspecting the security suite bugs WGET.

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