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  1. With WimLib, users would not be required to download/use DISM.
  2. The answer? These services must be Automatic/Manual (whichever is default): Computer Browser (Only one computer on the network needs to have this enabled but needs to be up and running for the other workstations to access it.)Function Discovery Provider HostRemote Procedure CallTCP/IP NetBIOS HelperServer (To share printers/files/folders with other workstations)WorkStationYou also must have "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" enabled for your network adapter. If you have one box that stays on full time, then enable Computer Browser on that one and not the others. If you don't, then you probably should enable it on all boxes. I used WTK to disable many services and remove many packages so I spent 5+ hours searching/testing to figure out why I could share folders but I could not access shares on other computers on my workgroup network. In my research, people stated that some other things were required like Network Discovery option in Advanced networking options, Network Location Awareness Service, SSDP service, UPNP Device Host service, DNS Client service running. I can currently share and access shares even though Network Discovery will not stay enabled and I have the following services disabled: Network Location AwarenessDNS ClientSSDP Discovery
  3. Sorry about that. Originally I browsed to the file but didn't hit the attach button :-/ As an update, my admin shares are currently disabled. I'm not sure what changed since I installed and updated/rebooted several times but I'm confident they were present on first boot. I used Server 2012 as a desktop for months and I could not seem to get them disabled but on 8 Pro, everything appears to be working correctly now.
  4. I encountered some bug where install.wim failed to rebuild twice. I first selected an install.wim without a sources folder (f:\_working\8_Pro\install.wim). Next I used the component removal. I then used the AutoUnattended creator, finished, and went back to the main menu. Next I used the All-In-One Integrator. I got the message that some things would be disabled but it looked like everything was available. I saved the profile when I hit start. It failed to rebuild the wim file and went back to main menu. I thought maybe it was because I tried to remove the same components twice so I opened a fresh install.wim and had the same error. I closed WTK, reopened, opened the AIO Integrator, loaded the saved profile and then everything went smoothly. I have attached the error log. Here are some other non-critical things that didn't seem to work as I expected: Start menu tweaks don't apply to windows 8.Disable Admin shares tweak no longer works on Windows 8. Another way to accomplish this is to create a scheduled task to delete the shares at boot, though I don't know a way to automatically detect what other drives exist.The component removal seems to be a predefined list as opposed to detecting the packages in the wim. After I removed components using the component removal tool, the same packages still showed as installed when I went to the AIO Integrator.In the services tab, the Black Viper buttons seemed to grab windows 7 settings even though there are pages for Windows 8 settings.Here are some things I would like to see implemented: Disable/Delete scheduled tasksAdd/remove cursors and cursor schemes.Remove original Wallpapers.Manage Windows 8 lock screen images.Enable/Rename Administrator account. (Maybe this can be done with AutoUnattended?)Add Classic Shell to the Downloads section. (Or a link to a list of start menu replacements)Add a tweak to change "Display delete confirmation dialog".WinToolkit_Error.txt
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