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  1. DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No, there must be "Yes". Open Network Center, Change Adapter settings, right click, properties, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4, obtain IP address automatically.
  2. Please, ignore my previous post. I install Windows 8 developer and run toolkit under it. Now it works about one hour, it seems i have some problem in my main win7 installation. Sorry to bother you.
  3. Last version does strange things on my PC. I prepare AllInOne tool with content: *AIO #Addons E:\Nlite\Win 7 toolkit\Addons W7\Reapers.CCleaner.3.15.1643.shell.ext.only.x64.Windows7.Toolkit.AddOn.WA E:\Nlite\Win 7 toolkit\Addons W7\Reapers.Java.Runtime.7.Update.2.x64.Windows7.AddOn.WA E:\Nlite\Win 7 toolkit\Addons W7\Reapers_7-Zip_9.22_x64_Windows7_AddOn.WA E:\Nlite\Win 7 toolkit\Addons W7\Reapers_Adobe_Flash_11.0.1.152_x64_AIO_Windows7_AddOn.WA E:\Nlite\Win 7 toolkit\Addons W7\Reapers_CmdOpen_2.1.0.0_x64_Windows7_AddOn.WA E:\Nlite\Win 7 toolkit\Addons W7\Reapers_Defraggler_2.08.373
  4. Sorry to bother you, but why you abandon torrent? It worked for everyone as this is easiest solution.
  5. Sorry for this, but FileFactory is not free user friendly. 150 MB in one hour? So download will be me took 3 hrs? Bah ...
  6. Thank you very much Lego, only for info, how fast your upload is? :-D
  7. At first, many thanks for tool. At second, Vista is dead, seriously. At third, i only use addon integrator and two days back it works OK :-D Need much more addons :-)
  8. Mr. Johnyboy, If Not objFSO.FileExists( ProfilePath & "\prefs.js" ) Then ProfilePath var = "true" End If barko = "false" on this line (1710) is called in original script subroutine "Downgrade" which makes ERROR in my situation and above posts, i replace this with dummy line and then it work OK. If var = "true" Then ValidateSettings Else strMbox = MsgBox(Text048,68,Text049) End If Cheers :-D
  9. I edit this line as you suggested and now it seems working OK. THANKS :-)
  10. Thanks for answer, but no way. Created silent installer Firefox 3.5.5. No addons after install. I then uninstall it but untick remove personal data and then install normal installer 3.5.5 from Mozilla site and voila, all addons is functional. Must be some bug in your creator :-) One more time, thanks. logfile.zip
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