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  1. I think you are right for the server. I tried again today, and the server found 3 updates with the last update list from August 27th (KB2965788, Windows Defender, and KB890830 of August).
  2. When i launch windows update, there is an error and it is impossible to search updates. (untouched DVD with updates 2014-08-27-Windows-7-PostSP1 GDR-x64-FRA).
  3. Hello, anybody can help me ? I have no problem with most of computers to install windows with the windows 7 updated dvd. But sometimes, it is not possible (drivers are missing), and i must install with the untouched dvd .... I don't understand. Thanks
  4. Hello, with the before last link updates (beginning of april i think) i have one leurre of april needed and a windows defender (kb915597). Maybe i am wrong somewhere. Thanks
  5. Very good !! Thank you again ! For today (april 26th), only 2 updates needed with the old link.
  6. Thanks for the links of the downloads !! Just a problem, why the "Leurre" is detected by avast as a malware ? Usually there is no soucy.
  7. Mega became not interesting, very bad hoster. If i day i must use a hoster, i would forget Mega, sure !!!
  8. Hi Link to Mega update pack is dead. Maybe the end of the updates with Mega ?
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