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  1. Hello All Sorry my eng is very bad... I make a multiboot of all windows(Win7Ultimate 64 and 32 bit)(Windows 8(Enterprise-Pro-Client) 64 and 32 bit)(Windows XP SP3 32 bit) I have one problem... The install.wim file size is 7.5GB and my disk convert to UDF system(DVD9)(USB Fat Filesystem) so win xp can not install in UDF or NTFS file system... Before Add windows XP it works Fine with UDF file system(Win7Ultimate 64 and 32 bit)(Windows 8(Enterprise-Pro-Client) 64 and 32 bit) I add windows xp by ezyboot program but that program could not work with NTFS and UDF file system... We have some soulotions... 1-Conver XP to WIM file and add to Windows Installation... 2-Split install.wim in two 4GB files in one DVD installation... 3-Use other boot method to boot windows xp... 4-Do not add windows XP... --- so sorry my english bad and wrong words... if wants , i can add screen shots...
  2. After That I split to two or many files what should I do? How can I user swm files?
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