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  1. I love it many thanks great idea makes my job easy
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    I own forums and I never suffer from spammers because I use the best captcha code plugin there is and my forums are ipb3 Its called KeyCAPTCHA
  3. Since I choose not to remove any system components, (I just disable what I don't need), and I'm very happy with Win 7 and have chosen not to downgrade to any version of Win 8.x (that was sarcastic ), I'll let someone else that is more familiar with Win Toolkit's component removal capabilities respond to you if they wish to. Cheers and Regards I like your reply Ok thanks for your input I wanted to stay on windows 7 but I cant do windows phone apps development on windows 7 it has to be on a windows 8 and it sucks so I just wanted to take as much as I could from the desktop metro crap but im still learning windows 8 and I bet you can config it most of it lol I was just hoping that wintoolkit did all that Thanks for the reply I will keep a look out to whats going on and see what happens
  4. Thanks for your sarcastic reply. I believe that NTlite does remove it but its like 45 bucks. So what does Wintoolkit do for the Metro then?
  5. Hi I know there is still development going on with wintoolkit but I just wanted to know: What does Wintoolkit do for windows 8.1 ?? I guess all im mainly interested in is removing the metro desktop tablets crap of windows 8.1 I have tried but wintool seems to fail at removing things? Id love to know what it does for windows 8.1 ?? Many Thanks
  6. Has anyone got the download for this ?? I want to play with this on my VMware
  7. I am a little Lost ;( I have been using the wintoolkit to create great windows 7 operating systems with no problems at all. So I wanted to start using wintoolkit to start creating cool OS's of windows 8.1. Doing things like removing the retro crap from 8.1 so it looks and feels like 7. I downloaded all the latest versions , I think I got 3 versions on my desktop all saying they work with 8.1 I tried to remove the retro stuff from 8.1 It just didn't work and I ended up getting all mixed up on what did what lol So I guess I want to know what the correct version is to use to remove the retro desktop of 8.1 ??
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