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  1. Hello,one question where can i find all the latest updates for windows xp sp3 greek in the https://mega.co.nz/#F!Bw1yyQSR!Hin-l0Fy0BRlnG-wWcF0hw

    the last embedded updates are from April,so the updates from May Until October are not there.

    It's no longer maintained past May of last year since that is the End Of Life cycle for Windows XP. There are no more Official updates past that point. Maybe someone will come along and help you with how to update your own. I have seen people discussing it at RyanVM.net.

  2. mydigitallife no longer provides working links. Servers have been removed. Microsoft hard at work for whatever reasons they might have. I don't do torrents under any circumstances either. PM checked. Thanks for the reply. The whole ei.cfg thing is not for me either. I just need the SP1 retail release and I am good.

  3. The official download is no longer available so I cannot find a place to download X17-58996.iso at. I am looking for an untouched copy. Any assistance is greatly appreciate. I need it for use with WinToolKit.


    Thanks in advance.


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