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  1. I want to incorporate this with my Win 7 SP1 x64 ISO. Do I need to install both of them? As in x86 & x64 or just x64?
  2. Any chance someone has official links to the latest versions of Visual C++ 2013/2015??
  3. So is this being updated still and if so is there a new update coming?
  4. You get better and rest up. We can wait. Happy Holidays/Christmas to you and thank you for all you do.
  5. I think there are many of us awaiting and hoping but he has work to tend to and has been very busy as of late so I am sure in good time he will get around to things needing updated when it is convenient for him to do so. :type:
  6. "This is a release candidate (RC) for Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 (2015.1). "
  7. It's no longer maintained past May of last year since that is the End Of Life cycle for Windows XP. There are no more Official updates past that point. Maybe someone will come along and help you with how to update your own. I have seen people discussing it at RyanVM.net.
  8. Maybe this is what you need? http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10819-proper-microsoft-directx-redistributable-june-2010/
  9. Here, I uploaded it to sendspace for you. https://www.sendspace.com/file/hqhh93
  10. I assumed so. I just wanted to know why so I can report it to them with as much detail as possible. Thanks for the reply.
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