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  1. sir in wintoolkit there should be option to set screen refresh rate in offline image.
  2. sir, wintoolkit does not apply the unattended file into image, plz solve this.
  3. sir can you please tell me How to add windows Updates(msu files) into running system(windows8.1/windows7sp1) using DISM. i am using this command, i have copied the update files into folder "updates" on drive C. c:\>dism /online /add-package /packagepath:c:\updates when i press enter after typing this command then message comes: an error occurred, error=0X80070032 error=50 request is not supported. what is the exact command?
  4. sir when i install windows 8.1 enterprise 32/64 bit then on very first boot it does not ask to choose time zone and time and it automatically sets UTC-08:00 Pecific time(US and Canada) time zone and time, while when i install windows 7Sp Ultimate then on very first boot it always ask to set time zone and time, i want that just like windows 7, windows 8.1 should ask to set time zone and time on very first boot after installation, tell me how can i set these settings in offline image of windows 8.1
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