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  1. je n'ai eu aucun problème a télécharger le DNF 461 sur Googledrive merci
  2. bonjour icare, j'essait de télécharger l'outil pour Microsoft removal tool et son leurre, mais ca semble impossible sur box meme avec adblock désactivé. merci de ton aide
  3. to brokenzer0 : did you find how to automatically set higher process priority for setup.exe ? I now have my fully functional integrated updates x86/x64 on usb and I love that. thank you
  4. hello I got same error at installation when I use windowshotfixdownloader. you need to not integrated some update's in ''additional'' and ''extra'' update list. see my post : ''first attempt to use wintoolkit and installation error help''
  5. This is what I get in picture link attachement ... do you think my adobe reader and winrar silent installer can be the problem ? Its the first time I try a silent install. not 100% sure about it. The software I have use to download all update are : windows hotfix downloader . I have over 500 updates for x64 with this software but when I look to windows updates downloader 2.50 only 188 updates appears. thank for tips image link to onedrive.txt
  6. thank for your reply ! I already tried to install windows via usb key. but got an error at near the end of windows installation and I cannot continue installing. ( I will tried to take screenshot ). sorry for my english
  7. Hello ! Im new with the wintoolkit integrator and silent install. I made usb bootable with all windows 7 version, x86/x64, 2 language pack and all windows updates. After 25 hours to integrated all updates in x86 and approximately same time for all x64 windows version. I noticed 4 errors at the end of x86 and 4 others at the end of x64 integration . now the installation make an error at ¼ before the end of the installation. .txt file in attachement. thank you . This software rock ! all update x64 +winrar +adobe.txt errorintegrationx64.txt
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