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  1. Accoring to the download link it's only Beta
  2. Thanks Gorki for this theme, added it to my install. @rubab the theme does not have any cursors when you apply it should pick up what cursors you are using at the moment or the system default cursors. You can edit the Argaphite.theme with notepad to use your favourite cursors As I use Areo cursor theme, I have added this to the Agraphite.theme [Control Panel\Cursors] Arrow=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_arrow1.cur Help=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_helpsel1.cur AppStarting=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_working1.ani Wait=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_busy1.ani NWPen=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_pen.cur No=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_unavail1.cur SizeNS=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_ns1.cur SizeWE=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_ew1.cur Crosshair=%WinDir%Cursors\cross.cur IBeam= SizeNWSE=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_nwse1.cur SizeNESW=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_nesw1.cur SizeAll=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_move1.cur UpArrow=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_up1.cur DefaultValue=Windows Aero Link=%WinDir%Cursors\aero_link1.cur
  3. Sull Try this set tagfile=\WIN51 for %%i in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist "%%i:%tagfile%" set CDROM=%%i: %CDROM%\wpi\wpi.hta My code uses a file found on your windows disk called WIN51 and once found will then set CDROM to the drive letter and then runs the wpi.hta
  4. Thanks for the update Kel Off-Topic Comment(Click to Show) Kel are you aware that Notepad2 has been updated.[Close]
  5. Here is the msi for Ghost v14.0 Download
  6. @dude_uk tried to download this from esnips and it's asking me to login, can you provide another download link
  7. Heres what I add to mine Addons Xable_ContextAttributes_v1.1_addon.cab DirectX_9.0c_End-User_Runtime_AddOn_0.3.3_-_redxii.7z DriveSpace_v4.2.0.26_AddOn.cab Gorki_AddOn_ERUNT_160807n.cab Gorki_AddOn_NTREGOPT_160807.cab Kels_CPLBonus_addon_v8.1.4.CAB Kels_MS_MSICleaner_addon_v4.71.CAB Kels_Runtimes_addon_v4.CAB Kels_Uber_Addon_v11.9.4.CAB MrsP_CD-DVD_Support_Addon_v1.0-071009.cab MrsP_CUE_Splitter_Addon_v1.0-070812.cab MrsP_DTaskManager_Addon_v1.50-070804.cab MrsP_DVDx_Standard_Addon_v2.10-070915.cab MrsP_Icons_Extractor_Addon_v1.41-070805.cab MrsP_XP_Associate_Addon_v0.2-070916.cab NR_IE7en_Addon_1.1.0_alt.7z PatchAddon_SFC_OS_v13h.7z PatchAddon_SYSSETUP_InfSkip_v13h.7z PatchAddon_TCPIP_150_v13i.7z PatchAddon_UXTHEME_v13h.7z Program_Addons_ImageFormatConverter_v200313.7z Reapers_UniExtract16_Addon_070812.7z Removal_Games_DeleteAddOn_v1.2.cab Removal_MSNExplorer_DeleteAddOn_v1.7.cab Removal_OutlookExpress_DeleteAddOn_v1.5.CAB Ricks_CCleaner2.05.555_AddOn.rar Ricks_FileZilla3.0.8.1_AddOn.rar Ricks_GenuineAdvantage_AddOn_80112.7z Ricks_Imageshackert0.5.1_AddOn.rar Ricks_Nero8DiscCopyGadget1.1.102.0_AddOn.rar Ricks_nLite1.4.5b2Plus_AddOn.rar Ricks_QTTabAddressBar_AddOn_80114.rar Ricks_SendToA3X1.6_AddOn.rar Ricks_SpywareBlaster4.0_AddOn_80320.rar Ricks_ToolTipFixer1.0.1_AddOn.rar Ricks_VistaRTMBootSceen_KB944092_Addon.7z Ricks_WindowsLiveSafetyScanner1.6.4009.1_AddOn.rar Ricks_WindowsSidebar_AlkyXP1.0_AddOn_71204.7z Ricks_WindowsSidebar_CustomGadgets_AddOn_070911.rar Ricks_XentientThumbnails1.0.2_AddOn.7z RogueSpearAddonsRuntimes_2.7.7.zip RogueSpearAddonsUpdate_1.1.3.7z RVMUpdatePack2.2.1.7z Simplify_INF_SendTo_AddOn_v0.30b-070923.cab Sm0ker_BXNewFolder_AddOn.rar Sm0ker_Converber_AddOn-071203.cab Sm0ker_CoreTemp_AddOn_v0.96.1.7z Sm0ker_EPSONPrintCD1.4_AddOn.rar Sm0ker_FlashPlayer_IE_AddOn-071204.rar Sm0ker_ImgBurn_v2400_Addon-080211.7z Sm0ker_Inno_Setup_Unpacker_Addon_v0.20-080113.cab Sm0ker_Orca_AddOn_v23.06.07.rar Sm0ker_PeerGuardian_AddOn_v2.0a-080321.rar Sm0ker_Reg2inf_v0.45_AddOn.rar Sm0ker_RegSeeker1.55b_AddOn-071023.cab Sm0ker_Restorator2007_3.70.1746_AddOn.rar Sm0ker_SidebarGadgetSettings_AddOn_v0.9.cab Sm0ker_SPTD_Addon_1.56-080316.7z Sm0ker_VistaRocketDock1.3.5_Addon-080306.rar Sm0ker_VisualTaskTips3.2_AddOn.rar Sm0ker_VMwareTools6.3.80004_AddOn-080316.rar Patched with Ricks V'ISO 8.1 but with my own custom shell32.dll and WINNTBBU.dll WMP11 slipstreamed with Boooggy's slipstreamer 40 odd silent installers which are run from RunOnceEX. All this comes to an eye watering 3.9Gb
  8. LUZR when creating a new VM and if I want to conntect to the net I use the Use bridge networking from the create new VM wizard prior to creating the actual VM, otherwise if you select Do not use network connection then you have no hope of getting a connection till you create a new VM, I maybe wrong, but never been able to switch from no connection to bridged networking once the VM has been created. Also you will have to setup shared folders from the VM to access your local drives. As I don't use the shared folders never toyed with it. On a side note if you install the VMware Tools, you can drag and drop files from the VM to desktop/local HDD and vice versa.
  9. Thanks LUZR really informative. Now to go off and break as much of my nLited install with the info you have provided
  10. Will see what I can do, as I don't use your addon but I install it silently and then apply the reg after install.
  11. Register the program and in regedit go to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PowerISO] and look for "USER" your serial number is the hex string.
  12. Where can I get the wallaper JurgenDoe
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