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  1. being greedy and go for the PRO version Want it all....
  2. Hi Rick When you get time can you please update to v4.60.3100
  3. on line 158 you have <system:String x:Key="FrmMain-00000104">This is basically 'regedit.exe', but with the mounted image registry. You can also import registry files too so your custom made tweaks will be in your mounted image after installation. CAUTION: Only use this if you have experience with Windows registry editor. This can seriously cause damage!</system:String>Change to <system:String x:Key="FrmMain-00000104">This is basically 'regedit.exe', but with the mounted image registry. You can also import registry files so that your custom tweaks will be in your mounted
  4. Having the same problem, temp folders remining even after deleting the settings file.
  5. You will have to delete netAIO.exe and netAIO.inf from TXTSETUP.SIF as well
  6. Liam The last version where the 3rd party theme patcher worked for me is
  7. Can confirm explorer crash using After installing in VM and actual machine when setting theme to Aero Log ID: 1x8434A6EA12ADF25CAC036E2E38C35D62_Ex060039B2_frmAllInOne_en-US_357724
  8. I would like to have an license please
  9. Thanks, tested with v1.3.0.18a and all ok.
  10. Hi Lego Got an issue with the most recent 1.3.0 Alpha, starting from each time I add any .WA addons get error message see pic (I hope it's being displayed) but I dont have this problem when using I keep everything at default setting for the temp working directories and use my G: Drive for everything else. Below is an extract of the error log *********************************** Form: All-In-One Tool (Windows 7 ULTIMATE)(frmAllInOne) Description: Error extracting Addons G:\Goodies\Reapers_Image_Resizer_2.1.1_x86_Windows7_AddOn.WA Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] Copyr
  11. I've tried all the free recovery tools and not one able to recover. Will teach me not to click next next next and finish without looking what im doing. One to remember in future
  12. I have ovewrote my Unattended Hard Drive with a ghost image of my OS, can anyone give me suggestions on a good recovery program so that I can retrieve any data that could be left behind. I dont have a backup of my Unattended disk and all my data that I had is now gone and I dont want to start from scratch trying to remember what addons, programs, updates etc that were stored on this disk.
  13. Same for me, really like the "show new content"
  14. The link is now working, not sure what was causing the problem but probably something I've done to IE. Thanks for the update mate. Sm0k3r
  15. Hi Rick The link is not working, its just opening your web page. Can you please fix. Thanks.
  16. snakecracker You could always give Eclipse Internet a try I've been using them for a few years now without any problems. The only gripe I have is their fair usage of 50Gb download a month, but this only applies between the hours of 9am and 11pm, after that all downloads are not monitored. These is the speeds that I am getting with them
  17. HI Rick, just to make you aware Spywareblaster has updated the definitions to 12/06/2009, can you please update this addon. Cheers.
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