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  1. Check it out - looks awesome http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?...c=20152&hl= Ruben
  2. forget vistamizer - sucks Viso is the way to go Ruben
  3. netshell is your friend or xpresp2.dll Ruben
  4. Check it out http://tosbsas.deviantart.com/art/Vista-Pa...man-V2-92178957 Ruben
  5. kind of complicated to configurate but really fast Ruben
  6. I did,but normally you include an inf file -wanted to use your ini,but it needs some inf -or am I seeing this wrong Ruben
  7. @HJW Any news about the netshell? Ruben
  8. Here you go http://cid-58a89a2e6389422c.skydrive.live....ware/shell32.7z Ruben
  9. sorry , I don't understand you (:-(( The files in the german viso are correct, I think there is some resources missing or at another place. I once tried with d2squared's shell32.dll and it had nearly all of the icons, only move was mising. I can send you an original shell32.dll if that helps? Ruben
  10. is it only in the german version: Opening explorer - at the bottom I get commands like move or copy or mail -but no icons Ruben
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