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  1. Check it out - looks awesome http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?...c=20152&hl= Ruben
  2. forget vistamizer - sucks Viso is the way to go Ruben
  3. netshell is your friend or xpresp2.dll Ruben
  4. Check it out http://tosbsas.deviantart.com/art/Vista-Pa...man-V2-92178957 Ruben
  5. kind of complicated to configurate but really fast Ruben
  6. I did,but normally you include an inf file -wanted to use your ini,but it needs some inf -or am I seeing this wrong Ruben
  7. @HJW Any news about the netshell? Ruben
  8. Here you go http://cid-58a89a2e6389422c.skydrive.live....ware/shell32.7z Ruben
  9. sorry , I don't understand you (:-(( The files in the german viso are correct, I think there is some resources missing or at another place. I once tried with d2squared's shell32.dll and it had nearly all of the icons, only move was mising. I can send you an original shell32.dll if that helps? Ruben
  10. is it only in the german version: Opening explorer - at the bottom I get commands like move or copy or mail -but no icons Ruben
  11. bad decision - in german for example there is cutoffs and stuff Ruben
  12. @Amnesia Could you look in my netshell trouble too - its german xp, when using restorator to change language id and udpate resources from 8.2 I get a hanging Intel wireless framwork. Ruben
  13. hm I need some help with netshell.dll and xpsp2res.dll - I would like to change the icons in the tray to vistalike network icons, but using icons from this package crashes my wireless intel framework. Iam on a GERMAN OS, so I changed the language id first, but ... I tried everything - is this only possible for englisch os? Ruben
  14. yeah thanks, but your snd32vol doesn't change the tray icon, at least not here.I neded to chang ethat in stobject.dll Ruben
  15. looks cool, but does it change the icon in the tray? Ruben Yeah - I found what I was looking for - to change the trayicon for sound you need to change stobject.dll - the res is in the package. You may ask why I don't just install the iso - well I have a german xp, and this is all in englisch and on a running system (:-)
  16. @sull sorry but no, this doesn't change that icon (:-.(( Ruben
  17. yeah I did the network icons on the taskbar - please anyone can tell me how I can get the speaker icon changed.Sndvol32.dll doesn't do that there Ruben
  18. Anyone knows which dll's to change to get the vistalike network Icons and sound icon on the taskbar? I tried netshell, but wouldn't work - no icons at all on my taskbar.German xp Ruben
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