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  1. Good to know if the latest version of wintoolkit can already be modified windows 10?
  2. Hi is the upgrade because IE11-Windows6.1-KB3104002-x64.msu not installed when adding it to wintoolkit?
  3. Ok thank you very much for your attention and patience
  4. So, i have formatted and follows the same blessed problem
  5. I do not understand when you say legitimate? A untouched fully legal OS from Microsoft before you modified it. If in with wintoolkit DOWNLOAD when you could download
  6. I do not understand when you say legitimate?
  7. Go discovered that my own operating system that will not let me change the orb windows 7, I installed the Theme Resource Changer and third issues patch and reboot whenever I get the orb Aero theme. Any solution?
  8. I put a video so you can see what happens when I change the subject and when restarting Windows
  9. Nothing case when reset reappears happy orb windows 7
  10. Ok thank you very much and I try it and tell a greeting
  11. dareckibmw Ok thanks, I'll try it without further modification I did with Windows AIK
  12. apology to translate from English into Spanish, I do not understand if you ask me if the Orb when windows 7 restart when you restart, and I would have to aperecer the theme
  13. I sent the item for private, if you mean that you want to try
  14. as you can see in this image are the 3 images of the world;
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