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  1. Good to know if the latest version of wintoolkit can already be modified windows 10?
  2. Hi is the upgrade because IE11-Windows6.1-KB3104002-x64.msu not installed when adding it to wintoolkit?
  3. Ok thank you very much for your attention and patience
  4. So, i have formatted and follows the same blessed problem
  5. I do not understand when you say legitimate? A untouched fully legal OS from Microsoft before you modified it. If in with wintoolkit DOWNLOAD when you could download
  6. I do not understand when you say legitimate?
  7. Go discovered that my own operating system that will not let me change the orb windows 7, I installed the Theme Resource Changer and third issues patch and reboot whenever I get the orb Aero theme. Any solution?
  8. I put a video so you can see what happens when I change the subject and when restarting Windows
  9. Nothing case when reset reappears happy orb windows 7
  10. Ok thank you very much and I try it and tell a greeting
  11. dareckibmw Ok thanks, I'll try it without further modification I did with Windows AIK
  12. apology to translate from English into Spanish, I do not understand if you ask me if the Orb when windows 7 restart when you restart, and I would have to aperecer the theme
  13. I sent the item for private, if you mean that you want to try
  14. as you can see in this image are the 3 images of the world;
  15. That's right, but whenever I reboot windows 7 the orb does not appear, only the orb appears when I give in personalizing
  16. I have a .bat file to take control of the explorer but not how to add wintoolkit
  17. It took five days trying to resolve it and not get it, I'm desperate :ranting:
  18. if you are 3 images in the theme folder in PNG a greeting dareckibmw
  19. Hi there if you are so kind to help me, I added the Theme Resource Changer as addons and also the patch third-party themes in wintoolkit, and whenever you start Windows 7 for the first time Orb Windows startup not orb appears I put theme as predeterminado- A which is due?
  20. Hello in the latest version Toolkit v1.5.3.21 Win _portable, you get an error update KB2483139 Error: 0x8007065e Error: 1630 DISM failed. No operation was performed. For more information, review the log file. any solution?
  21. Hello W10.vbs file must be added in silent installations? and if so use that command? If you have to put it somewhere else where I add in wintoolkit? a greeting
  22. Hello to see whether you are so kind as to help me once more, how can I change the bootscreen installation in Windows 7? I am talking about when you exit the colored balls to start windows
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