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  1. Hello how can i make the 64bit version of firefox(waterfox) to be downloaded and converted with this script? thanks
  2. hi are you going to update waterfox soon? version 38.0.1 is out
  3. there is a bug in latest version,causing a dos window script that installs windows xp updates with commands: @echo off %SystemDrive%\updates\updates.bat (updates is the name of the dos script including the commands to install windows updates silent) included commands in the script are all the same eg: WindowsXP-KB2631813-x86-ELL.exe /norestart /quiet the script crashes halfway the installing/updating procedure, replacing the latest version with the previous one 4.18.2015 solve the problem can you fix that please?
  4. Can you re-upload x64 lite version please all links are dead
  5. Nice tutorial i have a script that does automatic the work (not created by me) it suppose to apply the boot screen automatically, it loads tuneup styler but it does not apply the screen, and i don`t know whats wrong,can i give you the file to check it out? if i try your tutorial and just replace the file with the modified one on a windows xp sp3 will it work?
  6. Hello i want to integrate bootskin to windows setup iso-disc with a custom boot screen image to be installed and applied the windows boot screen automatically upon windows xp sp3 setup how can i do it? thanks
  7. can you release the 12.1,8.158 version please? thanks
  8. Hello are you going to release update 45 ?
  9. Hello,i want to do a silent install but i want to see the progress of each framework installing,what it`s the switch for this?
  10. Hello I put openoffice latest version 4.1.0 to install silent in the windows xp setup disk with the silent switch /S although it starts the installation it stops in a moment and rollback the installation,does anyone knows what is the problem? i`ve installed java before silent also.i tried with openoffice 3.3.0 and works but with openoffice 4.1.0 does not work i would appreciate any help
  11. Hello i currently have a problem i tried to install xp greek with the latest driverspacks integrated and the characters in the Windows XP setup main blue menu are displaying incorrect like arabic or something like its missing the languuage(it should be greek) the characters are displaying incorrect from from the "Press any key to boot from CD" until the loading of the sata drivers and when it finish loading drivers and shows the disk drives still the characters are faulty. anyone knows whats wrong and how to fix this??? thanks
  12. Hello i have an idea about the runonce installer what about if you can make it a separate program so anyone can use it in a ready windows system and not only after the windows install finished for example i have a computer with windows and i want to install my favorite programs in it automatic with one click.so what i ask is if its possible to make the Runonce Installer of Wintoolkit portable as a standalone installer for programs/utils to run it in another ready system instead only after windows setup finished only.thanks
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