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  1. Hey, u can follow this tutorial http://www.askvg.com/hacking-system-proper...-in-windows-xp/ Hope it'll help....
  2. I was just viewing all vista dll files in PE Explorer, when I discovered this. First, what u should have. (i) A resource editing tools (like PE Explorer) (ii) Ur favorite picture in the following resolutions: (a)1280 X 960 (b)1024 X 768
  3. :sweatingbullets: Which File Extension are You?
  4. Here is my desktop screenshot... My Desktop Sceenshot
  5. I'm 19. From Kolkata, India. Pursuing Computer Science Engineering. Programmer.
  6. It's not happening to all rar file. But after restart it's showing correct size in tooltip!
  7. Hey see the screenshot. I can't believe. :thumbsdown_anim: I think it is a bug.
  8. Hi, To change the Orbit Glowing Animation & sound at Vista Startup open 'authui.dll' with resource hacker. Goto Image ->17000,..01,..02.... Select one of them (i.e. Image->17000->1033) and goto Action -> Save Resources as binary file. In the save dialog give xyz.png(u can u use any name). Noe do same for all following 5 images. Now see they r just the 5 images of that animation. Edit them , Replace with RH. And lastly replace the file... And u r done. To change the startup sound open imageres.dll and goto wav->5051->1033. To replace the wave goto Action -> Replace other resources. In the dialog open the .wav file & fill up as following Resource Type : WAVE, Resource Name : 5051 and Language : 1033. Now save and replace the file. own.zip U r done!!!! Happy hacking!!!!
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