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  1. Hi doctors! Please don't argue about nicest desktop Stay cool! Brgds to all! Sero
  2. Hi Jurge! doesn't work: http://ricktendo64.deviantart.com/favourites/.....<---- Brgds, Sero
  3. What do u like? It's better then Transformation pack in every way ... it's my opinion ...don't take it seriously ) Bye, Sero
  4. I agree with you ... transformation pack isn't good enough like bricopack is Thumbs up for bricopack Brgds, Sero
  5. Try this one: ftp://ftp.crystalxp.net/42677/bricopack-v....net-en-130.zip or ftp://ftp2.crystalxp.net/pack-vista-inspirat-2-1.0.zip It is the same package but different locations ...i haven't tried niether one of them Hope they works! ... my mistake it isn't v1.2 ...sorry ... it's BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 Brgds, Sero
  6. Hi! For those who don't know ... http://www.crystalxp.net/ http://www.crystalxp.net/bricopack/en.htm Nice themes for Windows XP ... Look at my desktop Brgds, Sero
  7. ... or turn the User Account Control to ON ... Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Turn User Account Control on or off Bye, Sero
  8. Hi there! Nice post! N1K - this is what i was looking for TIP: If u have problems with weather gadget -> "Service not available" you have to change Regional Options to English (US) At least for me it worked! Bye, Sero
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