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  1. lego: just used ver1.5.0.10 unattended maybe it's me but I still cant can't my theme to default and the user password is still enabled. that's with full name field blank and a name in the autologon name field. it makes the name an admin but its password protected. so if I do an install for a client and his computer sleeps, when awoken it needs a password. that should be eliminated.. thx ron
  2. last nite I made a new iso which as a nubie is a little daunting plus we all have to wait for WTK to do its thing. time consuming to a degree. I use separate _64 and _32 iso's. I had created a _32 iso. so I was done with that. I now started working on its _64 bit counterpart. I went to create the iso. no biggie so far. I then read it into my VM for a test spin and I see that win 7 wants to install the 32 bit version...what da ?? so I go back and redo the darn thing (I'm still inexperienced)...hmmm, everything says 64 bit...original working folder, updates etc. then I catch my mistake...the i
  3. Lego As we have spoken before about the password on a new install created in the unattended. Seems like the new install is always password protected if you use the full name field. I believe that if one uses the full name field then one must also use the name field in autologon. as you informed me the password is just tapping (spacebar) to remove it. I assume this is a bug. My objective is to make a fully unattended install by using a s/n, having a username (guess you have to have one), I believe you also have to have a computer name, and not have the install stop at entering a username, the
  4. don't know if this is a bug, just maybe the way "I would like it?" on the unattended creator screen if you check the box for the full name field a box appears where you then enter a name. hit OK or accept (I forget) and then the name you typed in is in the main dialogue box. now say you change your mind before you create the file and go back to the name field and uncheck it and remove the name in the appearing box where you entered it previously and make it blank, your name still appears in the main dialogue box (unchecked). yes it will not create the name during your install but that main dia
  5. Yes that is a good idea. I still have not achieved my ultimate goal of creating a win 7 integrated disk with the programs that I (and many of us) like to have installed for clients with the caveat of having office 2007, 2010, or 2013 come along for the ride. With Liam's help I am a lot closer. I have successful builds and will share my experiences of what I have achieved and how I got there once I make that totally perfect build. Let me say to all the rt seven users. This tool, once you get to know how to use it blows that software away. As Arnold said, I'll be back! regards..
  6. everyone all seems well now with "MY" sfc issue. the only thing that bothers me>>>it went away as mysteriously as it appeared. I have made a # of successful test iso now. I think it might have been the extraneous programs that I was installing with incorrect silent switches while testing. regards...
  7. in tweaks... remove the WMP icon in the taskbar display CALCULATOR with digital grouping checked (inside VIEW) on the taskbar have certain built-in windows 7 gadgets displayed on the desktop have the taskbar IE icon properties run MAXIMIZED
  8. UPDATE on sfc: I just ran another VM. this had my usual 15 tweaks & removals. I integrated security, hotfix, general updates (462). I did not integrate net framework 4.5 or IE11. My only silent switches were ccleaner and malwarebytes. SFC ran 100%. i'll keep testing over the w/e adding first net framework and then ie11. regards...
  9. ok EGGcellent. I'll be looking.. regards...
  10. liam: what am I doing wrong. I re-installed wintool (probably wrong file) but am still getting the old ultimate key in the unattended. regards...
  11. ok here's where I'm at. I ran the orig. dig. riv. win7_64 sp1 iso thru wintool and only made a themepack as the default its only modification. sfc /scannow returns 100%. However, Liam, the iso with all updates till may 2014 with framework 4.5 has corrupted system files. it fails sfc. Try it yourself. if you agree then something in the integration of updates or net framework I assumed caused it. mooms reported that his vm is clean but did not say what he used as his source. regards..
  12. I am running a VM with the DR hp orig_64 HP iso wintooled right now. I wanted to do absolutely nothing to the image but wintool says I have to make at least 1 change. so I made a certain theme the default. when finished wintool integrated 11 updates. I guess that's standard. I checked my system a week ago with sfc /scannow and it was 100%. I will check it after this vm finishes and report back on both sfc's. also my system is virus free. liam worked on it and knows its also fast. I am a system builder but of course this test needs some types of controls so I understand your concern. later rega
  13. It seems that there is a serious bug in win toolkit. I am not a programmer, more of a hardware guy. Hence the reason looking for a tool like Win Toolkit or rt seven etc. Rt seven was giving my finished slipstreamed updated win 7 disk a sfc error (sfc /scannow) at an elevated command prompt. This is the main reason that I changed to Win Toolkit. However it seems that this also happens in Win toolkit's latest version. I do not know the reason why system files become corrupted (sometimes they are repaired after numerous runs of sfc) but most times they are not. In addition we use this tool to sav
  14. thanks lego: I'll test it soon and report back!! regards...
  15. lego: Ok did that entire new install with all your help on my own using that designated iso you told me about. here are all my errors: 1. sfc /scannow now failed but was able to repair the errors. that sucks because then I have to run that sfc tool after every new install. I saved the cbs logfile (128mb) 2. I just ran it again. Gets to 100% but says it was unable to repair those files...yikes...this main reason I went from rt seven to win toolkit. 3. f.p. install asked a question. so not silent (USED -INSTALL) 4. googletoolbar did not install (FOUND ROUTINE ON WEB. DID NOT WORK. CAN'T FIND S
  16. lego: do you HAVE to put in a serial number in that unattended file? Can you leave it blank? My install says I have 30 days anyway even with the proper HP key. Just wondering if that field is blank will it screw things up? regards...
  17. ok I'll be here at 4pm my time in usa...est plz tell me what to do at that time. I am running the integration as I write (again)... it's at 332 of 461 regards....
  18. ok I just used the ei.cfg utility to remove the file from my source .iso. I then started wintoolkit and when read into the AIO the 4 editions initially appear. Is that correct? regards... ps. I just used notepad and yes it says Homepremium...ok I get it. thx
  19. hey thx for reply. I will now mess with that ei.cfg file to make my refresh iso just choose home premium. also how do you not use a dvd when install on the VM? regards...
  20. hi: You don't know much I appreciate the response. I was getting to think no one cared. first off yes I have teamviewer. I usually am the host but will gladly be the guest. my email is brooklnron@aol.com. located in Easton, pa, USA. I have also gotten this error many times and its very disconcerting because it happens at the end of the integration. in so many words "something has happen to your installation, no need to continue. then something about I'm trying to integrate a language pack without the language installed (my wording this as far as I remember)". I am not yring to integrate and
  21. well guess what? not working again. I used read in the same folder that worked. I then chose win 7 home premium. I read in my last working preset. since the working one only had 62 updates I know included all the ones I wanted, about 462. I then made a few more tweaks, removed some components in green (nothing serious) and clicked on start. everything seemed to go well. I created an iso and installed it on my VM. I now know from the beginning if it will work w/o doing the entire install. when the setup screen comes up as to which version you want to install if all 4 versions are there then she
  22. Well I got it to work. I don't see that I did anything differently but I guess I did... My iso is a whopping 4.9gb. Using DL disks. I should get some RW's but not sure they make those in DL. so this is really a great tool. it also passed the sfc /scannow check. the only issue I had is that the screensaver I chose (just the windows sunset one) did not become the default... can live with that. now I will try to make a 32 bit version and do the merge etc... keep up the good work... regards..
  23. hello: my first post. I am a nubie with win toolkit. always used rt7 lite. was getting errors with sfc /scannow with that program. I found win toolkit and it seems like its a great program but I cannot for the life of me make an iso that has all the updates tweaks etc. let me say I have 30 yrs experience in repair and working with windows. I am starting out with a win 7_64 homepremium w/sp1 iso. I have wasted 7 dvd+r DL (cause my iso is 4.9gb). but I have tried just doing tweaks like my computer on desktop and small icon in ctrl panel. I load in my preset. I click start and wintool goes along
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