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  1. yes of course. We all look at things differently at times. If I were to write the script I would have started with 1 (not 0) (like most lists) and then if you had 7 updates to hide, then the dim hideupdates would be (7). Anyway not an issue to get up in arms about. On another topic, I just read an article this morning (in forbes) saying that when Win 7 security ends on 1/14/20 Microsoft will offer enterprise customers "extended security support" for up to $200 a PC. This will be an upgrade of some sort. No option for home users. I'm wondering if we will be able to incorporate this somehow in our updates or take advantage of it somehow? regards...
  2. mooms thx for the list. Hey I didn't write this small little script (telemetry) but why would its creator have a number ((dim hideupdates (4)) that is 1 LESS than the number of updates that is being hidden. Stuff like that doesn't make sense to me. I would think the average person who edits the file for the first time (for me not my first time but it's been awhile) sees say 6 updates, they would put a "6" hide dimupdates(6) in the file. easy peasy. Just my 2 cents... regards..
  3. hello ok I did it over with "proper" telemetry file. Dont know if that was the reason for not having any initial updates. I received 5 new updates mrt, defender def, 4041083, 4049016, 3185319. regards...
  4. I just made a _64 home premium iso. on first boot in VM it said windows is up to date. I then did a manual check and it's STILL no updates. I have never seen that before!! not that I am complaining but what happened to at least MRT and defender definitions? I checked and defender definitions are from 2010 inside the defender program. I had to manually DL the file from $M and install it. deep clean>>>2534111, 2685811, 2685813. i forgot to change the dimupdates to 6 as per thiersee (i have 7 update files and left the # as 7) in the telemetry file but that should not concern this issue of having no updates. regards...
  5. thiersee, i figured it out, but now I have 0-6 updates (which is 7). what number belongs in the Dim hideupdates(6)? regards...
  6. thiersee thx for reply. I was waiting for someone because I have wtk open and ready to make iso. i read the tuto and it shows 4490628 in the first position also saying to make sure they are in the right place especially 4490628. confusing! lastly i downloaded the telemetry maker but forgot how to get a telemetry.exe file from it. still trying, sorry! regards...
  7. would it be possible to put a link to download the latest telemetry file on page 1 where the ul's and tutorials are (unless its somewhere else and I don't see it). Takes me awhile to figure out how to edit the darn thing. does it matter where the new pre-req, kb4490628 goes (order) in the pre-req list. wtk places it 3rd. does kb4099950 still go in the silent section? regards..
  8. dum de dum dum... For those unaware Microsoft is ending support for windows 7 on 1/14/20 regards...
  9. are there any other MAJOR changes. I don't have my notes. I think i used 3 pre-requisites in the past. Are there now 4 or is kb4490268 a replacement for one of the old ones? also any new kb's go into the silent section? I use the Convenience method..x64 regards...
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