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  1. To rhahgleuhargh, Thiersee and Mooms All 3 of you have been a great help to me in understanding the update and slipstreaming processes that we all have discussed in this forum. I have learned MUCH. Sometimes it took a few posts on same problem to penetrate but I eventually got it LOL. I thank the three of you for the time you guys have contributed out of your (I'm sure) busy lives. I look forward to again meeting up in a Windows 10 forum. Take care and as I have ended many of my posts...MUCH APPRECIATED!! Regards....
  2. Thiersee thx for reply. I'm a little confused. This is from the M$ website: "Important: This update (KB4524102) is included in the Security and Quality Rollup that's dated October 8, 2019. Parts of this update were previously released in the Security and Quality Rollup on September 24, 2019." I was under the impression that 4524102 is included in the monthly rollup. I am ASSuming we are talking about 4524102 correct? If I have to install it separately does it it go with all the convenience updates or in the silent list? regards...
  3. Is it normal after this new October disk to have the quality NFW updates kb4041083, 4049016, 4524102 be available for WUD? I also have 3185319. I made a win 7_64 PRO version. thx Regards...
  4. yes sorry about that, currentcontrol set is correct, my bad. I would think it should work regardless because its independent of the bios since it is a change in the registry. Try it in a NON VM environment. I say that only because I had major activation issues on my VM but identical procedures worked in a non VM environment for me. regards...
  5. mooms thx will check my PM after this nice procedure for SAFE MODE in win 10. I checked this out and it works perfectly. The safe mode screen is identical to the safe mode screens in Win 7. Enjoy. Regards... Back in the old days with Windows 7 and 8 if your system failed you could restart your computer, while tapping the “F8” key as it was booting and it would take you to Safe Mode screens and bypass the Windows system. With Windows 10 and every time you install a new system or update it, chances you will lose the ”F8” Safe Mode Startup. Below is the procedure to reestablish this pro
  6. Nice. Samsung's prove to be the fastest. I've been experimenting with many clients who are upgrading to win 7. I ran into a few ACTIVATION issues, including on my VM. I've tested the following procedure and worked it every time in real world applications. I will test where I have never been able to activate. hopefully it might help some people Optional: Validate your copy of Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.x Install all necessary drivers eg ethernet & wireless card Open your Windows 10 ISO and extract gatherosstate.exe from your desktop to your desktop Run gathe
  7. Congrats mooms. I will be selling my current desktop as the holidays approach and will build a new win 10 system. I too will use a motherboard with an m.2 slot and NVMe. Can you tell me the brand and size of NVMe you are using. Is it a Samsung? Regards...
  8. Once again problem solved by doing a new install on a non VM. Its as easy or maybe even easier than win 7. Simply go to SETTINGS then ACCOUNTS, FAMILY & OTHER USERS. Then to "add someone else to this PC." Win 10 wants a microsoft account but if you answer you dont have the persons sign-in info then you can add a local account. Add the new user and make them an administrator. sign out then back on as the new user. Go back to that settings page and there is a choice to remove the original user. All tweaks and desktop files are not affected. BEAUTIFUL... ps. It activated with digit
  9. another issue has arisen while experimenting with the WTK and win10 slipstream. In WTK we all make our own personal tweaks to setup win10 as we like it so we do not have to do those tedious tasks later on (as we do in win 7). here is my issue. I use the autounattend file in conjunction with the tweaks in WTK. I have a username (my last name) in the autounattend file to initially setup win 10 for its first boot. I am using the win10 iso as a universal install disk for "others". I therefore have to add a new account (or user) and in win 10 I ALWAYS setup a new user with a local account as a
  10. ok going to put this to bed. After successfully activating win 10 from steps above I decided to try again on my VM AGAIN. I wasn't sure if I tried the troubleshooting activation built into win 10 the first time I started this journey. Well it didn't work. For some reason "I" cant activate Win 10 on a VM even after having win 7 installed prior. Its no big deal. The VM will be used for testing tweaks, and new cumulative updates etc. regards...
  11. Just completed same scenario as above with a clients machine. I cloned their HD with trueimage and used the cloned drive for the experiment. I booted with the slipstreamed disk. This disk which I didnt mention before was made with WTK v.1708 including the autounattend file. I got the updates from the msfn forum. In the setup I deleted all the partitions and created new ones. This machine has a UEFI bios. The install went exactly like before. I was asked 3 questions about KB layout and eventually the desktop appeared with all the files and updates I slipstreamed in. Again activation gave me the
  12. RESULTS are in! EUREKA! First I would like to thank Liam, Thiersee and RHAHGLEUHARGH for their time and efforts replying and trying to figure this out. I needed to do my method first and see if what I have been reading about Win 10 activation is true. If it didnt work then I was going to try their methods one by one. I had been experimenting with this with Oracle's VM on a hard drive in my main machine with win 10 installed. In this environment win 10 would not activate at ALL! I had tried a clean install with a plain jane win 10 home iso, then a slipstreamed win 10 iso. No good on
  13. yes I have used the WAFG file that you link to. For unknown reasons my installation fails using that. I have changed the key in that file to the correct win 10 key (home) and changed my answers from Australia to united states. All other questions were left as defaults. I get the error, "WINDOWS COULD NOT BE INSTALLED ON THIS COMPUTER. TO INSTALL WINDOWS ON THIS COMPUTER RESTART THE INSTALLATION." This occurs during the "getting ready" screen. That error is just another issue at this point. Activation is my main issue. WTK with the autounattend file works perfectly for me except for activa
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