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  1. memoli'nin Alıntı yaptığı mesaj 2. sayfada...Tıkla.! :welcome:
  2. VirtualBox 1.6.2 (released 2008-06-06) This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: * GUI: fixed a bug which prevented to add more than one SATA drive from the GUI * GUI: fixed a regression introduced in 1.6.0: the fullscreen mode was left on every guest video mode switch * GUI: fixed several minor issues * Networking: fixed a host interface networking regression introduced in 1.6.0 * VMM: fixed starting of VMs with AMD-V enabled * VMM: massive performance enhancements for AMD-V * VMM: stability improvements for AMD-V on Windows hosts * VMM: correctly detect AMD CPUs with erratum 170 (AMD-V) * VMM: detect inconsistent timestamp counters on certain AMD Phenom CPUs (Windows host only) * VMM: fixed KVM check (Linux hosts only) XPCOM: fixed several races * VMM: fixed a regression introduced in 1.6.0: Windows stuck during installation * SATA: improved performance with Vista guests * SATA: fixed statistics counter * Shared Folders: several fixes (iTunes download, speed up browsing) * ATA/IDE: fixed boot from CDROM if a medium was added while the boot menu was active * Networking: provide an Intel PRO/1000 T Server (82543GC) network device emulation which is recognized by Windows XP guests * Networking: fixes for the E1000 emulation (don't crash if not attached, fixed a bug in the statistics counter implementation) * NAT: don't crash if the guest sent a DHCPRELEASE message with an invalid IP address * NAT: fixed ARP reply for the NAT gateway and for the NAT name server if the guest IP range was changed * Internal Networking: fixed shutdown if more than two VMs are connected to the same network * BIOS: allow to change the DMI informatiton (see chapter 9.13, Con'guring the BIOS DMI information, page 125) * RTC: fixed UIP emulation to prevent jumping of time in Solaris guests * Windows host: VirtualBox installation directory corrected for 64 bits Windows * Windows host: fixed VBoxVRDP.exe symlink * Windows host: solved locking problems in raw partition VMDK support * Windows host: fixed stability during high system load (page fault in KeQueryActiveProcessors) * MacOS X host: fixed crashes under certain conditions * Shared Folders: limited users without admin rights now also can use Shared Folders on Windows guests * Linux hosts: fixed default runlevel for the kernel module helper script * Solaris hosts: enabled support for VT-x and AMD-V * Solaris hosts: dynamic loading of libdlpi fixes a problem where Solaris 10 was not able to start a VM * Linux additions: fixed runlevels for kernel module helper scripts * Linux additions: compatibility fixes with Linux 2.6.26 * Linux additions: fixed occasional guest kernel crash during unload of the vboxadd guest kernel module Windows x86 Windows AMD64 Platform Se
  3. Daha uyumlu oluyor , Vista fontları XP'de yabancılık
  4. Mesajlar silindi.! Kolay gelsin...
  5. Eksikliği hissedilen bi eklentiydi, Eline sağlık :thumbsup: :welcome:
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