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  1. You must be careful when adding boot screen. The file must me compatibile with your Xp version, I know cause there can be found sp1 and these days maybe even sp3 prerelease boot screen. Be careful. And also make a backup before you take any replacments in your root directory. You can also edit startup.ini file latter when you check and see yourself that it's working fine. Startup.ini can be adressed throug sys propertes\advanced\startup and recovery\settings
  2. Does this installer include vista icons also? Here is WINNTBBU that gives winXP more visitsh style. I use it every time, It's must have for my xp collection. MD5: 44109B034E04690CB08776F751F95309 picture preview is included in attachment I did not make it so I'm not responsible for any credits or such kind . I find if browsing MSFN Forums.
  3. Sorry for trouble I caused Helmi..I fixed link now you can download it. Thanks
  4. I'm glad you guys like it. I did update database before I made addon. You can also update it from time to time throu program menu. It's quite easy
  5. Happy B day Mr. McNally Cheers mate!
  6. I did some more work on this svcpack addon. See Changelog for more details.
  7. VirtualBox E66589AFE10E9ECB7284BD308574C0EC 11.5 MB
  8. Yes I agree with you guys, but I must admit that I'm quite picky when it comes to themes and visual styles. This one has really nice shells and graphic is also very modern and shiny. I tied it and decided to make addon and share it with others
  9. Why don you try to use Ulead video studio or Adobe Premiere Pro? They are both also high quality video editors. Or you can use some free programs that could be less advanced like Avid Free DV
  10. No mate you have to run QT Address Bar via Start/Utilities to install/activate program. Then you have to enable it in My Computer View/Toolbars.
  11. Converber @244 KB B68A55926F813AE74228F6DE1DC8CC0A Note: Shortcut (destination directory) can be found under Utilities
  12. NT Registry Optimizer v1.1j Download: Gorki_AddOn_NTREGOPT_160807.cab MD5: 18F5CE2B1AC087B46C70F738A4110D6B The Emergency Recovery Utility NT v1.1j Download: Gorki_AddOn_ERUNT_160807.cab MD5: B455F511577EA8E08A5D85E1B2574830 Note: Deafult backup location is ...\WINDOWS\\ERDNT\AutoBackup
  13. Topic moved...please take care next time you open new post... So you wont addon for this I assume?
  14. Done! Addon now includes startup entry so it will be loaded on every boot Fixed some typos, please read Changelog.
  15. Try the link again...It's genuine authors page but can also be found here. Well about memory...did you see the screenshot above? On my machine it uses around 2.7k. Yes it's quite lightweight...
  16. True Transparency @ 316 KB 37DA457BB23AAC7AA1354AC4886C5B5A NOTE: Installation directory > Utilities True Transparency (editable) skin pack @1.13 MB EB7E27F35C50A387FD017221AFAD7D4E Editing Instructions
  17. Stolen VS 16.2 by ~leosss Webiste Download @423Kb MD5: CCEABE6081C8A6BC046C95E63D59B743 NOTE: Addon includes Color Palette wallpaper Wallpaper Preview.
  18. Thanks for the link runningfool. I will see what can I do...in couple of days...cause I already started working on some other (Vistish) addon... :beerchug:
  19. Gorki


    Don't worry about your English...we will understand you You are most welcome here on WinCert.net :welcome:
  20. QT Address Bar Make your XP addressbar more handy in Vistih style DOWNLOAD @ 169.19 KB MD5: 14FAD30FAF24B3F9D5D5D199B1033F37 Note: It need to be enabled via explorer shell: View\Toolbars\QT...
  21. ...and patched sp3 v3180 build.... :crying_anim02:
  22. whohoo... woot :prop: Looking great...very stylish and colorfull. Now I cant' decide which one to use lol :icon_question: p.s I like that reflection effect at the bottom
  23. I used online translator to translate this article to english language. And here is the source written in german language. :sweatingbullets:
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