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  1. So you did use search after all! Yes I had to make up an excuse (read above almost) to keep you rolling since you already spend time for making it!
  2. Kal nice work, how ever I don't wont to be rude,but you should not spend your free time to do this since I already made similar addon way back with all languages included,they are almost the same... Here is the link... Never the less I like your work mate
  3. :sad01_anim: Why do I always have to be the one that brings back the bad news? :doh:
  4. Ok I'm willing to try it,sounds nice. Post it here so others can test it too,but don't ditch the old one jet...just to be on safe side to see how it works. I'll test this one as soon as I can. BTW did you by any chance manage to test silent switchless addon on XP source,to confirm my theory mention above? P.S. It's 3.00AM here
  5. I think it's new since you make some changes to scripts. I tested it several times just to be shure since everybody reported "working" addon thus.inf selection is marked by default and I used silent switchless addon instead. It compiles it ok and integrates but it breaks complete win installation when installing it from T13.
  6. Does anyone have any problems with switchless silent addon? Cause if breaks my win installation if I add it. However inf addon works perfect.
  7. Version 3.0 Sorry for late respond I was away. I'll test this one and report back.. EDIT: I manage to make silent addon for vanilla 3.0 with all extras without any problems. I believe integration and installing would work fine (I did not test it on live or virtual machine)..
  8. Thanks for letting us know. And I was just about :w00t: ..and suddenly ...never mind. We still have to fix boot problem... so we could be on safe side.
  9. Gorki


    LOL... Hello to you too mate...you're lurking for some time here...guess you like this place.
  10. Btw amnesia those look beautiful. I personally like XP so any of first 3 would be good if you ask me. It would be nice to stick with same colorur green or blue so everything would be similar. Darn I like that too! What do you guys thing of this desktop properties? . I don't have great skills to patch resources but if any of you are willing you can find all you need here or direct download
  11. First of all thanks for your effort and patience for assisting me. I was too tired last night so I tested your script this morning... Here is the first screen shot. I also decide to proceed with steps. Manual navigate to ff.exe then choosing prefs.js file I get error saying: This is not PE file. It all ended just after that. Did you make typo mistake pref.js instead prefs.js ,maybe you also make typo in your script. I did not check? This is just my observation..not sure maybe it could point you to right direction so I'm letting you know
  12. I already tried and I got message that mine i never....bla bla
  13. actually I did not have any since I started making my mozila addon using your script,and then ONLY problem popped up? I can't make your script work! :crying_anim02: Instead of that I find out that it works fine on clean and fresh XP running on virtual machine.
  14. Actually I did not have any problems with 0.451 on virtual machine (created silent installer addon in Virtual box) but I can't do same thing on live system,I already mention my problems. But I would still like to save my data,cookies,settings,bookmarks,etc and I'm searching for alternative cause I don't won to do that manualy by transfering everyeach of them in virtual environment and make addon form there
  15. Jonnyboy I must inform you. I tested latest installer v0.451 on clean xp sytem using virtual box with latest updates for xp,but I did not have mozila installed on that particular system so I can't check if bookmarks,themes,settings,etc went fine,however I manage to make clean silent installer that works fine. But I can't recognize how much is my OS messed up at the moment since I have this issue. Anyway regarding your babbling,don't worry you did huge job with this one ever since you start and I'm shure others would agree with me,so don't you quit on me now ,take your time and result will be much positive. Good luck and thanks!
  16. You where right. Now I regret that I erased older working version...cause I need it.
  17. Nothing happen,I run it normally chose vanila, and foloved all steps (I did not require reg edit) and try to make switchless addon and it all went "fine" in 2-3 seconds with that d8mn end message. Imposible! FF can't be downloaded and finished that fast. No logs,nothing. I tried v0.451 and same thing except I have this screen on first start.
  18. Jonnyboy v.0.45 does not work for me..I can't make anything and I do not get any log files...
  19. Welcome back Worf...I mean...Wolf
  20. I modified files using nlite and later on patched files BUT I DID NOT make (bootable) iso with nlite,Insted I used other method to make bootable .iso image from that same files,and after that ALL went fine, booted fine and windows ended setup error free. So now you know why you did not encunter these problems in the first place.
  21. Sorry fora late respond bober I did not have much time to test,I only tested it with RVMintegrator and NTDETECT error is also present for me when I apply the patch.
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