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  1. I apologize Stimpy,I was not clear in the first place,my bad. What I wonted to say is that I don't think Onepeice had done something mysterious with his update pack that could be related to our problem here. And for the note I only tested this with Nlite 1.4.7 not RVM Integrator
  2. Well I disagree with this Stimpy. I tested both versions Onepeice v1.3.2 and Ryan v0.9.1 and both went fine if I don't apply this patch. If I apply it I can't boot my CD. No errors it's just restarting after "press any key bla bla to boot from CD..." Bober I have SP3.cab in my i386 folder,and last version that worked fine for me was V_ISO_b8.3.01.exe (MD5 3C489A0594B9A64A3C0F674B2D84382F) posted here
  3. bober I experienced same problem like Stimpy mention above, tested several times using VirtualBox v1.6.0 just to be shure and I can confirm his words. :sweatingbullets:
  4. Version 3.4 is available Rick. Update it when you find some time. It's very nice and lightweight addon. Cheers! :thumbsup:
  5. Thanks bober I'll try it. So basically now this is kinda final work with all those amnesia juicy graphics in it...(thanks Amnesia)
  6. Why not remove all [prog.addreg] same way you add them? [DefaultUninstall] ... DelReg =prog.delreg ... Same way you delete these afterward in your [DefaultUninstall] section [Prog.DelReg] HKLM,"%unin_arpc%\%win_comp%" HKLM,"%unin_path%\%win_comp%" You can also use Obsolete instead.
  7. Nice theme rubab. You might also correct this bolded part in your .inf
  8. Nice updates for those of you that are still using MS Office 2003 and still wont to keep up the step with latest updates available. You can easy update your favorite Office using Siginet tool called Office Integrator Detailed info about PostSP3 update pack content can be find on following links English HotPack and Dutch HotPack
  9. Cool!!! :thumbsup_anim: Works great now! I manage to create Fox 3 (normal version) addon (in the end choose "keep downloaded files"). Tested and all settings,bookmarks,extensions are there as they should be. Working smooth! I like it. Aldo I did not test this on Fox 2.xxx version. However I'm still having second doubts which version of Fox3 use optimized (I have latest VC++) or normal version? I'm not shure which would perform best? Any recommendations? Jonnyboy thanks for quick update! I did not experience this as I mention in text before...
  10. Seams like it's downloading or trying to download ... in title bar remains wget.% ftp://ftp-mozilla.netscape.com... Looking at log it seams like it downloads it but it continues to do same loop again... Here is the log wget.rar
  11. Jonnyboy thank you for your hard work but I did not manage to make this script work. I run it from several locations including root drive and clean system (virtual machine) and I was unable to make it work for both versions of FireFox,all protections where down at that time? I'll look into further more maybe I overlooked something...
  12. Thanks for update MrNxDmX! I never had any problems with this addon. Works pwefect! :beerchug: Keep up mate...
  13. Nice work mona. :beerchug: You did nice job with this addon.
  14. Very nice work Jonnyboy! Works great! Aldo It would also be nice to see this nice script for FireFox 3 since it's almost in final version. Thanks!
  15. Thanks khan. However I don't think that would be possible since True Transparency only adds PNG border images to current themes so It's not actually real theme if I understand you question correctly but border preview would be nice,and to see that program would require a little bit more changes to it's menu and that I leave to creator...
  16. Lolkik relax mate it's not a problem topic will be moved in proper svcpack section in english forums where it belongs I only have ability to operate in english section but not in turkish. This will be fixed soon!
  17. Nice work Lolkik but I'll have to move move it to proper section since it's svcpack compatibile for true addon you might take a peak here Edit: accidently move this topic to turkish Svcpack section LOL ...
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