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  1. Updated MD5 setting is from now enabled by default.
  2. How so? I tested it with sp3 and all went fine. Working even better than previous releases...
  3. Intresting finding LUZR4LIFE. But for space hunters many of those won't help much...but if you don't use or plan to use them..you should remove it.
  4. Happy B day mates... :beerchug: Sorry for late respond..I was on short vacation these two days...
  5. Sorry mate but you'll have to talk with program creator regarding this,not me. You can find more info on firs page of this topic...
  6. Hey...zdravo...enjoy your stay at Wincert LOL...Dr Ivo :dribble:
  7. LOL Tarun! If you are asking me I tried running FoXMozila in safe mode already but after some period result would be same. So it did not help me. Here is Foxy 3 beta5 SS now
  8. :thumbsup_anim: N1K. I'm glad you settle down and find right choice for you
  9. I could not agree with you more. I installed FF 3 beta 5 and I'm very pleased how well does it work. It's even snappier and it loads faster some pages not to mention that now it only uses around 150mb of memory in peak with skins and plugins and 10 tabs opened. So this is huge impruvment for me. I don't thin I'll be going back to 2x again. LOL Thanks! Well Mr. T I shure bumped a record in memory consumption there..that way FF acted like memory stability benchmark ROFL :w00t:
  10. Recently I get myself a Logitech S510,as bonus for extending my DSL contract with new one. I must say that I'm very pleased with this keyboard. I was still little bit skeptical since it's wireless and I'm kinda conservative when that comes to hand. I was amazed how nice,flat,and quiet is it. Very nice. I must admit that I'm verry picky when it comes to keyboard look,design and functionality so I would never easy find something that suits me.but this one come out from blue sky and I'm pleased. You might take a look and reconsider it also.
  11. So other than it's handy installing capabilities you are pleased with aMSN?
  12. I agree with topic title.... :confused02: p.s Which language is it on those two pages?
  13. :w00t: Cool :beerchug:
  14. Hmm I will think and reconsider your proposal. Shure that's what it makes this tool so handy and nice!
  15. I reinstall never version on FF .14 and do some adjusting like anonymous suggested me. No offense Rick but I did use that tool Firefox Ultimate Optimizer linked here,but from then I have feeling it acts even stranger. LOL it drilled all of my foxes that come and will come to my HDD LOL! I never had problems before but ever since then like bad luck come to me... Same problem occurred later on clean sys install. Regarding FF 3.X beta x... I never used it? Any advantages over this one? BTW right now I have almost 170mb burning in my memory after I did reinstall .. :angry: EDIT: Seams like reinstalling to version .14 kinda fixed problem. I suspected on some flaws on some Facebook applications that I have active seems like one of those games (Dope Wars) have some flaws... while browsing/playing Dope Wars for some period of time my memory starts to grow..but when I don't play it everything backs to normal. like now FF uses only 97 mb of memory. EDIT 2: Seems like we have new record here!
  16. Links fixed in first post...
  17. Yes my mozilla eats over 900mb of my memory resources? I have no clue what is causing that. I use version. I'm suspecting on some application/page that might be eating my memory while opening them. I fix my problem by restarting FF again. Did anyone have similar problems with it?
  18. Topic moved to appropriate section. :goatee:
  19. New XP Live Blue by ~sagorpirbd 724 Kb 983B24463D1D1901937E70BF16102402
  20. Correct! I skipped destinationdir ok... add " at the end like this.. and this in mind Try again and let me know... we'll continue tomorrow... I'm going to bed now ..4.30AM here... :tired:
  21. Shure you can't add multiple styles cause you have to rename them or else they will overwrite each other. Rename them wile they are being installed. Use one of other creator addons as starting point. You could use my IlumeCG theme addon it haves two shell styles. Take a look and see how are the renamed... Keep an eye at bold part I edited/changed it it.. Green color indicates shell styles exact as they should be when you install theme. Red color stands for names that you used to rename those so they would not overlapped (3 Shellstyle.dll files = 1 Shellstyle.dll ). That is why you renamed them so they don't mix up.ou rename them in red colour but when installing they go green again I hope this helps. p.s And please take a peak at other users theme addons. It's a good starting point. Good luck!
  22. Interesting request mate. I did find some Ubuntu theme that I used as template to make theme addon, but I admit that one looks more juicy and glossy. I'm looking forward to see other opinion on this subject. BTW please fix last link in your post (Rapidshare link)
  23. That is cool but be careful when doing that if you are using vacume cleaner, specially keep an eye on jumpers cause I remember that some of old mbos have very loose contacts between jumpers and pins. New mbos keep them tight but still keep an eye on it if you are using strong vacume cleaner. Every six months if you have you comp powered on for long period each day. Also keep in mind when you change thermal paste. It need some time to settle down and reach it's full potential. No need to do that (specially if you have no intentions to pull out your memory sticks) just dust away memory slots gently. That is how I do things. I also change thermal pad on my graphic card and dismantle every case fan and wipe dust from it. I usually take some time (afternoon) and do things right. It's note easy job but comp runs cooler and more quietly thus you feel good when you complete your cleaning
  24. Rick what do you think about these log off screens? I personally like this first one best..black one with nice fancy buttons. same one but blue and last black one simillar to first one but needs fancy buttons They are really nice but it would require update so it would be compatible with V'ISO. Just my suggestion and maybe pointer in future release that will come.
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