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  1. Sorry Imhotep. Links are fixed now!
  2. Aero Graphite II by ~msxbr Gorki_Theme_AgraphiteII_250408.cab 50408CFC3FB9A38B01F623E24F3144B8 Note: Theme includes Nice sensation desktop wallpaper
  3. Rick can you update addon please? Beta 6 is Released. Thanks!
  4. Cool! Hit some screen shoots over here. :punk:
  5. LOL never seen something like this? Even your clock is strike out? Could be some app running in background that caused this strange "thing",anything strange happen just before this happen? I really don't know....
  6. AAA what? :tired: Already?! :doh: Stay tuned I will update it very soon...
  7. Yes but it won't be 5512 build and you wont that do you? I would like it in 5512 flavor also!
  8. Sorry mate. Links where broken during server update. I fix them now. I'm glad somebody is still using it.
  9. Where is it? Gimme gimme... :dancing:
  10. This is great tool and free also! I'm with Rick suggestion regarding send to. Thanks Reaper!
  11. Just use this guide and you'll be fine!
  12. Happy B-day mr. Reporter Best wishes mate! :thumbsup_anim:
  13. Thank you all guys... I really had a nice day yesterday and now I must get some coffee
  14. Great job Siginet! i'm looking forward to your x64 flavor. Thank you mate.
  15. Did you perhaps tried this? /S /v/qn /QB REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS
  16. I recently bumped on some interesting page that all of you registry lovers could might find very nice Take a look here. It also provides many "restore" and "fix" entries for those who messed up their XP OS
  17. Thanks noob This addon has been updated
  18. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool Gorki_AddOn_HPUSB_290308.cab 519F509DD6E8691C390195519F129D21 Note: Install directory "Utilities",addon is also uninstallable. Addon also contains files (Win 98SE or WinME) needed to make bootable USB stick. You might also check this pictured tutorial specially if you are new to this tool.
  19. Thanks for letting me know. I double checked and corrected my typo.. Sorry all for inconvenience. Please re-download. Yeh lol page is translated with online translator from. I'm not Russian expert also.
  20. Sounds nice.. but I'm kinda confused with this refresh build date 3/6/2008
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