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  1. I tried the following - deactivating video - loaded video file - music plays - ctrl-alt-delete: music still plays - activated video - loaded video file - video plays - ctrl-alt-delete: video crashes Also, I verified that this crashes on another SP3 machine. Hope this helps
  2. I am attempting to plug 2 guitars into 1 amp input, using a 1/4" "Y" adapter, specifically a Radio Shack part# 274-892 adapter. What I want to do is to keep 2 guitars plugged in, only playing 1 at a time, just for convenience to minimize plugging/unplugging. The problem is that when 2 guitars are plugged into this adapter, neither guitar will be heard unless the volume on both guitars is turned up. Its almost like this adapter is wired in series, like Christmas tree light. Yknow, when one goes out, they all go out The guys at RS dont know anything about it, but it seems to me that RS has this thing built wrong. I believe a Parallel adapter would be what is needed, so either guitar can be played independently of the other. How can I be assured of getting the right adapter? I know Musicians Friend sells these as well, but will I run into the same scenario? Anyone else run into this situation?
  3. When I go to Other>Configuration>Printer Setup - I get the message "Did Not Find Windows Printer info file - PRTINFO.A4" when I try to configure a Windows printer - did I miss something somewheres in the installation? Bob Henderson
  4. I just discovered that the fan on my 3 year old laptop is dead. I dont use the laptop that much, maybe 3 to 4 hours a day. Should I bother replacing the fan or buy a new laptop? Specs Toshiba L305-S5968 Intel Pentium T4200 3 GB Memory 320 GB HD Vista Home Premium
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