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  1. Good evening everyone! My Internetname is Guppy and I've been using WinToolkit since several years. Now I ran into some questions I'd like to discuss and hope for interesting answers and suggestions! Englisch is not my native tongue, but I think we will understand each other. I'm looking forward for a nice time in these forums and wish you all a nice day!
  2. Good evening everyone! I've been using WinToolkit since a lot of years to integrate updates in Windows Installations. Recently I redid my Win7 x64 Installation. I removed the ei.cfg and integrated all major "General" "Security" and "Hotfix" Updates. After integrating I created an ISO and started it in a virtual Machine. But upon booting it only says CDBOOT: COULDN´T FIND BOOTMGR I don't know what the problem is, especially since my x86 Version started without any issues and in the past there was nothing comparable. Can you tell me what might have went wrong and how I can fix this? Thank you for all suggestions in advance and have a nice day!
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