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Found 7 results

  1. The PEBakery Team are proud to present the ChrisPE project. Use this project to create WinPE from a range of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows sources, including - Windows 7 Windows 7 (SP1) Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 Update Windows 10 Windows RTM source files are recommended. The sources in the above list have been tested, other source files may also work. This project has been internally tested and developed over the past two months and is now ready for a public beta release. The PEBakery Team anticipate ongoing development and the ChrisPE project is likely to continue to evolve. This may result in changes to some of the core features such as the menu system and supported shells. Some of the current features include - No caching of Windows source files - resulting in reduced storage space requirements on the Host OS used to build the project. .wim support using internal PEBakery commands - the wimlib library is used for managed wim support. The full contents of the the Windows source and WinPE .wim files are not applied (extracted) to a local directory - resulting in significant time savings. Support for a range of shells including bblean, CMD, LaunchBar and WinXShell. WoW64 support. This project has been developed as a base from which to add additional features. Please note that it's been developed for use with the PEBakery builder and will not work in winbuilder as a number of commands are not supported. Please download from the ChrisPE github repository - https://github.com/pebakery/chrispe Instructions are included - please check the documentation in the download (readme.htm). If you are not familiar with github - use the Clone or download button and select the Download ZIP option to download the project. Feedback is welcome. Please have fun. The PEBakery Team (ied206, alacran, Atari800XL, homes32 and Misty) Screenshot of ChrisPE with WinXShell - EDIT: Not all the programs are in the basic download, there is a complementary pakage of scripts, I have it almost ready for upload and will be available for download very soon, new scripts are finished and working now, but under test to prevent any malfuntion, the pakage contains 25 new scripts. alacran
  2. bonjour, J'ai acheté une clé pour SEVEN Intégrale et le lien pour télécharger WIN7 Intégrale Je suis actuellement sous VISTA Intégrale et je veux migrer vers SEVEN. Lorsque je me connecte je demande SEVEN et l'on me demande la version et dans le menu déroulant je n'ai aucune version qui s'affiche. Merci de me dire pourquoi ? Cordialement
  3. WinToolkit Version: DISM Version: 6.3.9600.17029 Target Install OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Target PC M/B: ASUSTeK 970 PRO GAMING/AURA CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T RAM: Kingston DDR3-1333 2GB*2 SSD: Intel SSD 600p Series (512GB, M.2 80mm PCIe 3.0 x4, 3D1, TLC) Look at this page Update to add native driver support in NVM Express in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, we used the WinToolkit in boot.wim and incorporating the NVM Express driver to install.wim * .wim file Preset of WinToolkit are as follows: #Drivers Asmedia\sata6g_3.1.6.0\Win10\Driver\stor\i386\asstor32.inf Asmedia\sata6g_3.1.6.0\Win10\Driver\stor\amd64\asstor64.inf 970\Asmedia_USB3-31_Win7-81-10_V116291\Driver\asmtxhci.inf 970\Asmedia_USB3-31_Win7-81-10_V116291\Driver\asmthub3.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\a4acpi\WB64A\AmdAS4.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\a4acpi\WT64A\AmdAS4.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\Bolton\USB30\amdhub\W764A\amdhub30.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\Bolton\USB30\amdxhc\W764A\amdxhc.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\Errata\W764A\AMDeFix.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\Filter\IOV\W764A\AmdIOV.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\Filter\IOV\WT64A\AmdIOV.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\Filter\IOV_svr\W764A\AmdIOV.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\GPIO\W764A\amdgpio2.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\GPIO_Legacy\WT64A\AmdGpio.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\GPIO_ML\WT64A\amdgpio2.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\GPIO_PT\WT64A\amdgpio3.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\AHCI\W764A\amd_sata.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\AHCI_svr\W764A\amd_sata.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\CIR\W764A\AMDCIR.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\CIR\WT64A\AMDCIR.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\MINI_IDE\W764A\amdhdc.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\MINI_IDE\WT64A\amdhdc.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\UsbFilter\W764A\USBFilter.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\UsbFilter\WT64A\usbfilter.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\UsbFilter_svr\W764A\USBFilter.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\I2C\W764A\amdi2c.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\I2C\WT64A\amdi2c.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\SMBus\W764A\SMBUSamd.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\SMBus_Driver\WT64A\AmdSMBus.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\SMBus_svr\W764A\SMBUSamd.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\UART\WT64A\amduart.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\USB31_PT\amdhub\W764A\amdhub31.inf 2_AMD_ChipSet\16.9.2\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\USB31_PT\amdxhc\W764A\amdxhc31.inf 5_LAN\21.0\PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS62\e1r62x64.inf 5_LAN\21.0\PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS62\e1q62x64.inf #Silent Installs mpas-feX64::;NO;15.58 MB;mpas-feX64.exe;Always Installed AspNetMVC4::/passive /norestart;NO;1.16 MB;AspNetMVC4.msi;Always Installed Windows-KB890830-x64-v5.41::/q /n /z;NO;47.79 MB;Windows-KB890830-x64-v5.41.exe;Always Installed DXSETUP Jun2010::/silent;YES;98.39 MB;DirectX\DXSETUP.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x86_2005_6.0.3790.0::/q;NO;2.59 MB;VC\x86\vcredist_x86_2005_6.0.3790.0.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x64_2005_6.0.3790.0::/q;NO;3.05 MB;VC\x64\vcredist_x64_2005_6.0.3790.0.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x86_2008_9.0.30729.5677::/q;NO;4.27 MB;VC\x86\vcredist_x86_2008_9.0.30729.5677.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x64_2008_9.0.30729.5677::/q;NO;4.97 MB;VC\x64\vcredist_x64_2008_9.0.30729.5677.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x86_2010_10.0.40219.325::/q;NO;8.57 MB;VC\x86\vcredist_x86_2010_10.0.40219.325.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x64_2010_10.0.40219.325::/q;NO;9.80 MB;VC\x64\vcredist_x64_2010_10.0.40219.325.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x86_2012_11.0.61030.0::/install /passive;NO;6.25 MB;VC\x86\vcredist_x86_2012_11.0.61030.0.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x64_2012_11.0.61030.0::/install /passive;NO;6.86 MB;VC\x64\vcredist_x64_2012_11.0.61030.0.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x86_2013_12.0.30501.0::/install /passive;NO;6.20 MB;VC\x86\vcredist_x86_2013_12.0.30501.0.exe;Always Installed vcredist_x64_2013_12.0.30501.0::/install /passive;NO;6.86 MB;VC\x64\vcredist_x64_2013_12.0.30501.0.exe;Always Installed vc_redist.x86_2015_14.0.23026.0::/install /passive;NO;13.13 MB;VC\x86\vc_redist.x86_2015_14.0.23026.0.exe;Always Installed vc_redist.x64_2015_14.0.23026.0::/install /passive;NO;13.90 MB;VC\x64\vc_redist.x64_2015_14.0.23026.0.exe;Always Installed Journal_en-us_x64::/passive /norestart;NO;4.44 MB;Journal_en-us_x64.msi;Always Installed Silverlight_x86_2016-10-05::/Q;NO;6.70 MB;Silverlight_x86_2016-10-05.exe;Always Installed Silverlight_x64_2016-10-05::/Q;NO;12.56 MB;Silverlight_x64_2016-10-05.exe;Always Installed dotNetFx461_Full_x86_x64intl_Slim::/y;NO;80.20 MB;dotNetFx461_Full_x86_x64intl_Slim.exe;Always Installed NDP46-KB3142037-x64::/passive /norestart;NO;2.57 MB;NDP46-KB3142037-x64.exe;Always Installed NDP46-KB3143693-x64::/passive /norestart;NO;15.24 MB;NDP46-KB3143693-x64.exe;Always Installed NDP46-KB3164025-x64::/passive /norestart;NO;3.30 MB;NDP46-KB3164025-x64.exe;Always Installed NDP45-KB3179930-x64::/passive /norestart;NO;42.52 MB;NDP45-KB3179930-x64.exe;Always Installed NDP46-KB3179949-x64::/passive /norestart;NO;60.88 MB;NDP46-KB3179949-x64.exe;Always Installed install_flash_player_23.0.0.162::-install;NO;19.21 MB;install_flash_player_23.0.0.162.exe;Always Installed install_flash_player_ax_23.0.0.162::-install;NO;18.70 MB;install_flash_player_ax_23.0.0.162.exe;Always Installed #Updates Windows6.1-KB2446710-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2478662-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2545698-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2547666-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2574819-v2-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2592687-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2598845-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2667402-v2-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2670838-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2676562-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2698365-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2706045-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2729094-v2-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2732059-v5-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2750841-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2761217-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2773072-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2813347-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2830477-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2834140-v2-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2857650-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2862330-v2-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2894844-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2900986-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2913751-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2919469-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2970228-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB2984972-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3004375-v3-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3006137-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3031432-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3046269-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3059317-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3102429-v2-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3118401-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3123479-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3124275-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3138612-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3140245-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3150220-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3155178-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3156016-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3156019-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3156417-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3159398-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3161102-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3161561-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3161949-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3161958-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3163245-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3164033-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3164035-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3168965-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3170455-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3170735-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3175024-v2-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3177186-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3178034-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3179573-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3181988-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3182203-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3184122-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3184143-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3185278-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3185330-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3188740-x64.msu Without GWX(Microsoft spyware), IE9, IE10, IE11 Install at USB memory with the above settings Disable the extra task scheduler powercfg.exe /hibernate off schtasks /CHANGE /DISABLE /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Defrag\ScheduledDefrag" schtasks /CHANGE /DISABLE /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Maintenance\WinSAT" schtasks /CHANGE /DISABLE /TN "\Microsoft\Windows Defender\MP Scheduled Scan" schtasks /CHANGE /DISABLE /TN "\Microsoft\Windows Defender\MpIdleTask" schtasks /Change /Disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\AitAgent" schtasks /Change /Disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\ProgramDataUpdater" schtasks /Change /Disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser" schtasks /Change /Disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Autochk\Proxy" schtasks /Change /Disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Customer Experience Improvement Program\Consolidator" schtasks /Change /Disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Customer Experience Improvement Program\UsbCeip" schtasks /Change /Disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Customer Experience Improvement Program\KernelCeipTask" schtasks /Change /Disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\QueueReporting" schtasks /Change /Disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Power Efficiency Diagnostics\AnalyzeSystem" Install Display driver Install Realtek Sound Driver Rollup (KB3125574) Install the following update package manually. Never using the WUSA command at the command processor, etc., do not install in the /norestart options, etc.. Run the .msu file from obediently Explorer 1. KB2534366 2. KB2533552 3. KB3020369 4. KB3125574 (2 times reboot PC) 5. KB3145739 (It has been replaced by KB3185330) 6. KB3161664 (It has been replaced by KB3185330) 7. KB3161608 (need reboot PC. When the previously Kernel / User-Mode Driver Framework 1.11 (KB2685811 KB2685813) is installed, the system configuration time for individual shutdown will take longer than) 8. KB3172605 9. KB3185911 (need reboot PC) Kernel/User-Mode Driver Framework 1.11 (KB2685811 KB2685813) 1. KB2685811 2. KB2685813 3. KB3153199 (It has been replaced by KB3185330) 4. KB3156017 (need reboot PC) This is where you perform confirmation of the Windows Update update the first time in the control panel My confirmation in about 3 minutes on a PC has been terminated GWX and IE11 Below, all remove check, to hide, click OK, and re-check for updates 1. KB2952664 2. KB3021917 3. KB3068708 4. KB3080149 5. IE11 Below, all remove check, to hide, click OK, and re-check for updates IE9, IE10 Manually install in the same way the following update package KB2603229 KB3172605 KB3136000 (.NET Framework 4.6.1) We spent a theme patch DWS to check in (Destroy Windows Spying) tool, the FINISH INSTALL!! It was finished, we continue why KB3136000 is Isuwari. Somehow, the last few months much it's damn thing is there ... The results of WinSAT is this. RAM lol poor !! Intel SSD 600p Series is (512GB, M.2 80mm PCIe 3.0 x4, 3D1, TLC) benchmark results It is a benchmark result of Video Card nVIDIA GTX960 I was able to finish the task in about two hours
  4. Good evening everyone! I've been using WinToolkit since a lot of years to integrate updates in Windows Installations. Recently I redid my Win7 x64 Installation. I removed the ei.cfg and integrated all major "General" "Security" and "Hotfix" Updates. After integrating I created an ISO and started it in a virtual Machine. But upon booting it only says CDBOOT: COULDN´T FIND BOOTMGR I don't know what the problem is, especially since my x86 Version started without any issues and in the past there was nothing comparable. Can you tell me what might have went wrong and how I can fix this? Thank you for all suggestions in advance and have a nice day!
  5. Add.Downloads.to.Win7.Libraries.exe * This simple silent installer adds "Downloads" to Windows 7 on Windows Explorer. - It copies Download.Ico inside %SystemRoot%\System32 - Enable Downloads and Public Downloads to Libraries. - Deletes Downloads link from Windows Explorer Favorites (%userprofile%\Links\Downloads.lnk) * Installer made with 7z-SFX Builder and batch file in Notepad. No switches needed. It also can be extracted with 7z if you guys wanna know what is inside. MD5 Hash: 4BBF24E3A77AE56E3B4B06BE2CF6BF80 Size: 582 KB (596.039 bytes) Download here: http://www.4shared.com/file/KfJLdpmg/AddDownloadstoWin7Libraries.html
  6. Hi Experts, I got a problem with the new Socket1150, 8th Chipset Family; The USB ports (2.0 and 3.0), the USB Header and also ATX iO Shield ain't functional when Windows is started. Win7 was installed from a WDS Server: I tried to fix the problem with an adding of new Drivers in WDS 'Driver Group 1 Folder' I added and tested Drivers: Renesas µPD720200 & µPD720200A Newest Native Driver by Intel xHCI (8 Series/C220 Chipset Family) ... but none was functional. I have already thought about not taking the USB Drivers into the 'Driver Group 1 Folder' on WDS, but implementing in Win7 Image (*.wim). Has somebody already tried that out? Thanks ahead!
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