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  1. Hi everyone, We're currently migrating the site and forums to HTTPS. We're monitoring closely for bugs, and mixed content errors. If you notice anything broken, please reply in this thread and we'll work on a fix ASAP. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, For the past few weeks, the performance of the forums has been degrading, due to recent forum software updates. We're hopeful Invision Power will fix these regressions in the near future. In the meantime, we've implemented extra caching, which yielded some improvements. We've also just upgraded to a more powerful server. We'll keep you posted
  3. Hi mooms, This is related. Should be back to normal once we have a fix.
  4. Hi laddanator, We're aware of an issue with URLs not being properly rewrited. We're working on it, we hope to have a fix soon
  5. Hi everyone, We're in the process of migrating the site and forums to a new server. At the moment, the forums URLs may change slightly - this is temporary. Please reply to this thread if you notice any bugs. Thank you!
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