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  1. I have had problems with ie8(onepiece_ie8_winxpsp3_v1.0.1_addon_enu.7z), and I thought I would give this a try but still same story. Instead of getting Favourites under X:\◙Documents and Settings\user, I get "@%windir%\System32\ieframe.dll.mui,-12385" is there any explanation or any way to correct this please? Thank you
  2. sorry if you meant what I replied above, All I wanted to say that I used bober patch on the CD and it worked out fine. I have not tried the GUI since then, so I couldn't make any reasonable feedback, but if you want I can test it too again on virtual box and let you know accordingly.. Hey you are doing a very nice job here and i didn't mean to.. or anything you may think about.. so heads up and a nice day /evening whatever.
  3. problem solved, Bober had it correctly done Thank you
  4. I have made a CD installation with all my Addons and ie8 and it installs fine on Virtual box, then I patched the whole set with the GUI and tried to install this on Virtual box and it shows these missing files.. that was the reason for my asking.. A nice evening
  5. I tired this on Virtual box after IE8 integration and I got all sorts of missing files during the installation. Have you made this compatible with ie8 or only ie7? thank you
  6. just a question of interest:- what is the current version of Addon? Thank you
  7. why do you need 1.1? It is too old and most PCs or whatever don't need it anymore
  8. your problem is not nlite I think, there is "Microsoft_Silverlight_v2.0.40115.0" in tha t OnePiece_Addon. I suggest you try to integrate this one separately, then re do the process with "DotNetFx_All_In_1_Addon_v2.4.7z Kels_Runtimes_addon_v5.1.rar" also separately and then other Addons. This a personal experience I have made with some Addons. Hope this can help somewhat.
  9. hi rick, have you gone back to the original Addon or considered this as you said? Thank you
  10. because this is your first post and it should be in the introduction section.. Don't you think so ? try it...
  11. hi Rick Any chance you can make this Addon for this one please? will be great, Thank you
  12. Thank you for the offer Name:- Qwesta Location:- Mars Age: 99
  13. this feature is really good, is it possible to extend it to repack the files to a new Addon thereafter (don't know whether or not that is possible-but would be great)?
  14. these look indeed good, Any hope we can use these soon?
  15. Anyone to revive this Addon please Thank you
  16. They look indeed pretty but not "sexy" don't you think so?
  17. Do you you making an *.inf file so one can install on a live XP Please? Thank you
  18. indeed they are better as the old ones, I just made a "VISO Live" update with XPtsp.v1.4.4
  19. These Folders are really nice to use, can you guys try to include these too? Thank you
  20. that was in someway expected. someone builds a house and fails to maintain/renovate it.. looks so sorry. It is just my view about this
  21. this new version has got errors on installation..requesting for some files which are missing. Nonetheless thank you for the update
  22. cancelled.. already answered do you intend to make an *.cab (DriveSpace_v5.2.3.1_AddOn.cab)file too? I wish you gave it back to us too Thank you
  23. installation still requests "cablite.dll." can not be copied
  24. same story here, tested this and " setup cannot copy the file MD5Deep.exe"
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